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In today’s world, we are all willing to gain a competitive advantage over one another as individuals. Whether it comes to cracking an exam or whether you want to showcase your talent in the professional arena and stand way ahead of your colleagues in terms of productivity and output.

We think of using some sort of medicine that will raise skill levels by tremendous amounts while also getting over sleepiness and laziness.

Think about such a pill in reality and how it will affect you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could work more, learn faster, have a sharp memory, work tirelessly with no signs of sleepiness or drowsiness even after hours and hours of grinding how would that be?

In this article we are going to find out the reality of the so-called limitless pills and what exactly they are, how exactly do they work, and how would you feel upon the use of a limitless pill.

We will do this all taking a real-life example of medicine and one that is of close resemblance to limitless pills.

Of course, we will also find out whether all are just good or if there are indeed any side effects that one may suffer from or contraindications occurring after the use of such a pill.

This is going to be exciting as we hope all your doubts will be answered so buckle up guys….

Hypothetical definition of a limitless pill

So in the above section, we have described what a limitless pill is.

You see, although there are no such pills in existence we will still consider the hypothetical definition of a limitless pill here.

A limitless pill as the name suggests is a pill that makes your abilities without having any boundaries. Your capabilities will simply become infinite and there are no measurable boundaries to it.

You will have abilities almost close to a superhuman just like your favorite superhero.

Well, that does not mean that you can like roam around the sky like Superman or have incredible strength like Hulk, but your cognitive abilities will improve. You will not find sleepiness anymore.

You can work tirelessly for hours. You will have increased your learning, memorizing, logical, reasoning capabilities way beyond what a man can solving complex puzzles without even a pen or paper.

Well, that’s what a limitless NZT-48 pill is…

And of course, those of you who have watched the movie limitless featuring Bradley Cooper just want to be like him and go from rags to riches right?

Well, unfortunately, all that you see in the movie is his fictional character, Eddie Morra, using a fictional limitless pill that is the NZT-48 and growing richer and richer.

But is there any real-life version of the NZT-48? Let’s find out…

What are the closest medicines to the limitless pills?

So do we have limitless pills in real life? Unfortunately not…

But wait…

Before you become completely disappointed we must say that it could be that we might not have a truly limitless pill, but then some pills can help you to increase your cognitive skills or increase wakefulness, alertness and make you motivated.

At least you can surely say these pills to be partially limitless if not entirely. So won’t you find out what it is?

Well, this is the substance Modafinil. Modafinil with the brand name Modvigil is a nootropic drug that can help you increase your cognitive abilities while also reducing signs of sleepiness, drowsiness, and generating energy, motivation, and most importantly wakefulness in a person.

But before you run to your nearest medical shop to buy Modvigil learning what’s just been said above you must read the rest of the article as here will see the resemblance of Modafinil with a truly limitless pill.

We will also see if Modafinil has many side effects, what your ideal dose should be, and lots of more important information.

Let’s begin…

Understanding what truly Modafinil is

So we are just now told that Modafinil is a sort of pill that has some qualities to resemble close to being a limitless pill.

In reality, Modafinil is a generic substance and is common by its brand names such as Modvigil. This is a substance That will help you to generate wakefulness and preventing signs of sleep.

That’s okay so let’s see what the doctors recommend…

The doctors recommend the use of Modafinil for relieving various sleep-related problems as we will see later in further detail and generating effects to increase your cognitive skills.

To motivate you further, Modafinil itself has also got the nod from the FDA getting all the clearances to work as a wakefulness pill. Using this pill will allow you to get rid of your sleep although you might be feeling sleepy and increase your cognitive abilities somewhat.

Finding the uses of the so-called limitless pill Modafinil

If you have gotten this far, don’t turn around till you see the end uses that are approved by the doctors and medical researchers.

Modafinil as a sleep reducing pill helps to cure you from following three types of sleep disorders-Modafresh 200


This is one of the most awkward-looking types of disorders wherein patients suffer from sleepiness during the daytime. And of course, you must have understood that feeling drowsy and sleepy during the day you might not get a very good reaction from your boss at your workplace right?

Well, patients suffering from narcolepsy will suffer from a lack of productivity or output during the most critical business hours or office hours of the day.

Obstructive sleep apnea

This is again a peculiar sort of disorder where an inpatient will suddenly wake up in the middle of the night while asleep gasping for breath.

Using the Modafinil pills allows you to get peaceful sleep at night and prevent such frequent disturbances in your sleep.

Shift work sleep disorder

There are a few categories of people who will have regular changes in their work shifts. This of course does not allow the patient to have slept properly. If you don’t take the Modafinil then suddenly after your night shift you might have difficulties gathering enough wakefulness and concentration to work on the morning shift the very next day.

Benefits of using the limitless pill Modafinil

The limitless pill night does not seem that much limitless to you right now but for those who are suffering from such sort of sleepy disorders, the pill surely has much more to offer.

Using the so-called limitless Modvigil pills one can ensure staying awake late till at night or in the day depending on their convenience and even work on changing shifts.

And guess what that’s not all…

Remember we also told you that Modvigil pills give you the cognitive skill enhancer effect. That certainly is true.

So not only does Modafinil gives you wakefulness but it can also provide you with cognitive enhancing abilities and make your life a much better one.

Of course, the primary use of the pills is for curing sleepy disorders but along with this patients may also get some sort of cognitive enhancement too.

As of late, there are a few professionals who are pursuing the use of the drug. For example, those who have a very demanding work schedule such as a doctor, a  pilot, a business owner of a large corporate group, soldiers, and even students during exam preparation will use the doctor.

How to use limitless pills?

ModafinilOf course, there is no doubt that if you are not getting the recommendation from a doctor regarding the use of the pills and what dose to use then you are at a severely high risk of suffering from side effects.

A limitless pill such as Modvigil must be used only when it is confirmed to you by a doctor.Vilafinil 200Mg

And in doing so the doctor will also inform you of two of the most important things that come up during using Modvigil on a course. And that is what dosage you should use and at what frequencies to take the drug.

Using a limitless pill such as Modvigil without the recommendation from a doctor may have side effects.

Doctors always recommend not to use the pills only for the sole purpose of cognitive enhancement unless you have one of the three sleep disorders mentioned above.

Even if you take do not take it for a very long time as this drug also comes with a very bad reputation of drug addictiveness. Yes, the pills have got this tendency of drug abuse or a habit-forming tendency linked to them.

What is the ideal dose for gaining cognitive enhancement along with complete wakefulness?

So is there any ideal dose that anyone can take and truly feel limitless? No of course not.  A pill such as Modvigil that has associated side effects with it will surely not have one dose fitting for all     and that a basic common sense.MODVIGIL 200

You see if you are suffering from one of the three sleep disorders we mentioned above then you can certainly use the pills but only after getting the recommendation from a doctor.

As such using the pill of Modvigil or generic Modafinil does not come with any restrictions on your diet. Of course, there are a few addictive things that have to be omitted from your life though and that is the use of alcohol, nootropic drugs like marijuana.

How do limitless pills work?

So now that you know of the close limitless resembling pill generic Modafinil Modvigil would you love to find out how does this pill exactly works?

As you know that generic Modafinil is the substance doing all the hard work to make you feel wakeful and staying alert. Generally, after Modafinil becomes active in your body it will prevent the serotonin hormone in your brain from reuptake completely.

And then this extra serotonin will also work on the areas of the brain that control all the aspects of sleep and effectively slow down the working of the neurotransmitters of that region.

And even then the pills will also work on the cognitive enhancing part of your brain that controls things like your logic, ability to reason, think, memorize and learn things faster.

It effectively works on all these areas that are on the nerve cells in these parts of the brain and increasing their activities.

Generic Modafinil will also increase the levels of dopamine hormone in the brain and as you know this feel-good hormone will generate feelings of happiness, motivation, and revamped energy.

Does the smart pill Modafinil have any side effects?

So is everything good with limitless pills NZT-48 such as modafinil or whether there are some limitations to it? As we have already told you above that there are problems of side effects with overuse or even on being allergic.

The side effects are-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty getting sleep
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Loss of appetite
  • Unusual tastes
  • Dry mouth
  • Feeling of thirst
  • Nose bleeding
  • Flushing
  • Sweating
  • Palpitations
  • Tightness in muscles
  • Back pain
  • Confusion
  • The skin on the limbs feeling numb

Can there be contraindications with using limitless pill Modvigil?

Of course, there are contraindications to using the Modvigil or any other generic Modafinil variant of drug. We have already mentioned some of theModaheal 200 substances like alcohol, and nootropic drugs being contraindicating agents but then you don’t know about the medicines that have contraindicating tendencies till now.

So we bring to you some brands of medicines that might have problems along with the use of Modvigil. These would include-





Some critical warnings while using Modafinil as a smart pill

Yes, there can be some contraindications that you may suffer from and this is a critical warning element to people suffering from some pre-existing diseases.

These include problems or existing disorders in kidneys, heart, liver, problems in having epilepsy or seizure attacks. Doctors also tell that you should not use the drug while suffering from severe depression, severe anxiety, or those suffering from sudden mood change behavior.

Where to buy limitless pill Modvigil?

You can without a doubt check out limitless pills online and buy Modvigil. Check out the online websites and find out a credible one. You can also check out with your local medicine shop.

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