Safe and Secure Shopping

We offer a portal to our customers such that you don’t have to bother about maintaining the confidentiality of their private information.

You can conduct safe and secured shopping on our portal. With us, you will be able to shop without any worries about compromising your personal information.

We have the best security and safety parameters on our portal that do not allow any third party to interfere and get access to your data.

What is the process of making payment?

Generally, you will have to proceed to the cart section once your shipping is over. Now you have to do a preliminary check of your cart and check out the items that you have shopped. On proceeding to the checkout section you will find out the total cost.

Here you can find various promotional offers, cashback offers, and discounts being applied on your shopping items.

Choose a preferred mode of payment to complete the payment.

What are the modes of payment that we accept?

We generally accept various forms of online payment. With so many options available to you it becomes easier for you to choose a preferred mode of payment.

You can choose to pay us with debit cards, credit cards, online net banking, or even using mobile wallets. But the only thing we do not accept is making payments in cash or draft.

No payments made in cash or draft will be accepted.

How do we add safety and security to your online payment?

We have a very safe and secured online portal and payment section that allows you to pay us securely without causing too many worries about compromising your data.

We have highly advanced and modern firewalls that can provide the highest security for your data.

When you pay us you will make the payment over a safe and secured private SSL layer that ensures no phishing is going on the secured network.

As soon as the payment is done the secured peer-to-peer connection is broken and is deleted permanently from our servers.

Contacting our helpdesk for solving queries and asking questions

For adding further safety and security and contacting us for sharing any difficulties, queries, and problems you can come to our helpline number and speak with our representatives to share out your problem and how you can get rid of that.

You can contact our customer helpdesk any time as we provide services on a clock basis.

Sharing your information with us

For making your journey of shopping safe and secured on our portal we allow you to share only the minimal information that is required for making records.

You can share your information with us such as your name, email, phone number, and email id, there is no other mandatory information that we ask you to provide.

When it comes to sharing payment information you can have to share your bank details such as your account number, debit and credit card information net banking passwords among others.

You can come to us and share this information online as our portal is 100% safe for conducting transactions online.