Terms and conditions

There are a few terms and conditions that exclusively apply to our portal. On our portal, you will find terms and conditions on various factors related to Pills4ever.com.

We encourage all our customers to read out the terms and conditions while buying medicines on our website.  Read out the following terms and conditions to avoid disputes later.

Sharing your information

You can share your information on our portal only if you want. We ask you to share only some of the important information that is needed to record a transaction.

You will have to mandatorily share some information such as email, name, mobile number, and also conform to our age.

Registering on our portal

You can register on our portal to make an account for yourself or completely ignore this step and continue as a guest user.

You can register on our portal at any time. by registering on our portal you will get access to our promotional content which is sent as regular emails.

Cookie policy

When you visit our homepage a cookie policy dialog box crops up on our website. Either you can accept our cookie policy by checking the tick box and clicking or completely avoid it by pressing cancel.

We suggest that if you are one of our regular customers then it would be better for you to accept our cookie policy as this way you don’t have to fill in the same information time and again.

This way while ordering your information comes pre-filled and this way you can easily.

Confirming to age guidelines

You have to mandatorily accept our age guidelines. You have to be more than 18 years to accept to shop on our portal.

We hope that being above 18 years you will be able to understand the risk of sharing your confidential information with us and also while buying online.

Security on our website

We provide our customers with a safe and highly secured website on which they can share information without being bothered or without their information being jeopardized.

Security in our website is provided by a safe SSL layer that is set up privately on a peer-to-peer basis.

With the highest means of security being enabled on our payment page, you can easily share your confidential monetary information without pondering the risks.

Providing feedback and comments

We always encourage our customers to share their comments and experiences in the form of reviews on our portal.

You can share your experiences of how convenient shopping on our portal was or what effects you had after taking a pill buying it from our portal.

You can also provide ratings about your overall customer satisfaction and thus will also help other customers to shop.

Shipping time

The shipping time for our orders will vary based on your region of residence. If you are from a local region then you can get your orders within a matter of few ways less than a week.

For international orders, you can get your delivery within 10-15 days. but this is only an estimated time.

On the day of final shipping, we will share a message again. The delivery date is subject to change based on how well we get shipping and courier clearances and a few external factors.

Prices of medicines and getting discounts

The prices of medicines that you see on our portal depend on a couple of factors such as the import rates, demand for medicines, and other stuff such as the inventory or existing stock lying at our premises.

You will find that the prices of the medicines keep changing from time to time. Check out our online portal for availing discounts and offers for buying medicines.

Providing the right shipping address

It is entirely the responsibility of the customer to provide the correct address. If your provided address is not correct then your medicine package is subject to return.

We ask all our customers to provide an address in which they can deliver your package with at least someone staying back at your address to receive the package.

Customs charges

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to pay the customs duty on their own. We do not bear the responsibility to pay the customs charges representing the customer.

You will have to get in touch with the customs department authorities and pay the taxes and charges to get your package relieved and back in the transit process.