Return and Refund Policy

We ask all our regular customers and first-time buyers to check out our return and refund rules.  This way you will have no confusion and be able to enjoy our online services without any problems and headaches.

When can you ask us for a return or refund?

There can be times during which you may ask us for return order. You might find that the wrong brand of medicines or the wrong dose of medicines has been ordered for you. In such a case it is important to inform us urgently.

Remember that the maximum time you get for generating a return request is for 7 days which is inclusive of holidays.

Also, you may not need the medicines anymore. So you may want to generate a return request from us.

How do you get your refunds?

We process all refund orders only after completing the return order. Once you have generated a return request one of our delivery executives will visit your residence for package collection.

Remember that our executive deserves the right to inspect the product for signs of tampering or usage. If you use our medicines then in no case will they be returned to us? The final call of accepting the return order also lies with our executive only.

After our delivery executive completes the return, we will refund back to you after deducting the applicable charges.

All refunds are made by way of direct bank transfer. We do not provide cash refunds. This is a basic term and condition for our return and refund policy.

What time can you expect before a refund is complete

All refund orders will be completed at our end within 7 days of you generating the return and refund request.

Once we make the payment all our duties and responsibilities will end. Then it is up to you to confirm and check with the bank on whether the amount has been credited back to your account.

Remember that all applicable charges will be deducted from your refund amount and the taxes are never refunded back.

Will you have to pay any charges during return and refund?

Depending on the condition you may have to pay some charges. There is a return and refund fee that you have to mandatorily pay. Along with this, there may be other charges.

All these will be subtracted from your final refund amount and the rest is transferred to your bank account. Remember that you have to provide us valid bank details.

Conditions for lost orders

Any lost order during transit is solely our responsibility. In case of a lost order during transit, we will again ship back the package to your delivery address.

Remember that during a lost order the time for delivery may be way longer than our usual delivery deadlines.

You reserve the right to cancel your order and take back your refund amount.

Paying customs charges on your ordered package of medicines

Paying customs duty is the sole responsibility of the customer. You will be duly notified if your package of medicines has been seized by the customs department for not paying the customs charges.