Cancellation Policy

We ask all our customers to check out our cancelation policy in case they wish to cancel their order. We have some minute specifications so going through it will ensure you a happy overall experience and avoid confusion later.

How long can you cancel your order?

You can cancel your order anytime. Even on the day of shipping, you may cancel your order. You can register a cancelation order by simply visiting our website and going in the orders tab. There you can check for all your existing undelivered orders.

Or else if you don’t have access to a computer then you can even call on our customer helpline number and put a cancelation order. Remember that we will ask you for general verification to authenticate the cancelation order. Our representative may ask you to provide the order id and other details of the order to verify the same.

Do we reserve the right to deny your cancellation order?

Yes, we do have the right to cancel your order. In general, after delivery of your package of 7 maximum days in which you have to generate a cancelation order.

After this time is over you we will not entertain your cancelation request anymore. We also reserve the right to deny cancelation orders on other specific occasions.

Cancellation Policy

On what occasions can you cancel your order?

You do have the right to make a cancelation request. There can be many scenarios for you to cancel your order.

These occasions include-

  • Ordering of the wrong product or brand of smart pill
  • Ordering the wrong dose of a brand
  • Not needing the product anymore
  • Charges of buying being too high
  • Not satisfied with our services
  • Delay in delivery of your package to your doorstep
  • Finding a more suitable product
  • Getting better promotional offers such as discounts and cashback on other portals
  • Wrongfully placing an order
  • How do you get paid back?

After your cancelation request has been accepted by us, we will send you a confirmation email. In this email, you will also find out the refund amount that we owe back to you. This will also contain the details of deduced charges, cancelation fees, and any other charges levied on your cancelation request.

Remember that all refunds are paid back by online fund transfer. No other odes of refunds are accepted. You will have to share bank account details with us to get back your refund amount.

Are there any cancellation charges?

Yes, there is a cancelation charge that we levy on you for all cancelation orders. This is not any form of penalty but only the charges for completing the cancelation, refund, and return rules.

Can you cancel your order even after it has been delivered to you?

Yes, you can even cancel your order when you have already received your package. But the maximum timeframe that you get for this is 7 days from the date of receiving your package of medicines.

Also, remember that this time also includes the holidays within. When you put a cancelation request you will also have to provide the reason for cancelation from one of the reasons mentioned above.