Privacy Policy

Sharing some mandatory information

All customers coming into our portal as guest users do have to share some minimum personal information. These are essential for us to keep records of each of our transactions.

Some of the mandatory information which you have to share with us includes your name, phone number, confirming your age that is above 18 years of age, and your email.

Without sharing this information we will not be able to allow you to shop online on our portal.

Ordering your medicines

We have a very simple online process for you to buy smart pills online at You can order medicines from our portal in simple steps. You can either use our integrated search engine on our products page to check out the availability of your preferred brand of smart pills or make use of the drop-down menu to check out all the available information.

Cookie acceptance policy

Accepting cookies is entirely up to the customer. You may accept or decline our cookie policy agreement. If you agree to our cookie policy then you will find that all your essential information is saved on our portal. this can be beneficial in case you are one of the regular users on our portal.

Registering yourself on our portal

We do not have a mandatory registration process on our portal. You can come to our website and continue shopping on your preferred smart pill brands without completing the registration process.

We welcome you as a guest user on our portal.

This is because we understand that you may not want to become one of our registered users and this is why we give this option to you.

But registering yourself on our portal does have some useful advantages. If you become one of our registered users you will get regular emails and information from us about the latest offers and discounts that are prevailing online now.

Not being a registered user we feel that sometimes you might miss out on our best deals.


Our website that is does not encourage anyone who is less than 18 years to come and shop for medicines. This is why we ask you to share some of your essential information.

As soon as you come to our portal you will find a pop-up dialog box emerging on your laptop, mobile or PC screens asking to confirm whether you are above 18 years and only on checking this you will continue to our website.

Sharing your product reviews

We encourage all our customers to share product reviews. You can buy smart pills such as Modalert, Modvigil, Nuvigil, and other pills from our portal, use them and give us reviews and comments sharing your experiences.

We ask you to be frank while sharing your reviews and comments about the effects of using the drugs and even providing your experience on ease of shopping, convenience, and ordering pills on our portal. You may also share your reviews about the overall customer experience shared online on our portal.

This will be very much helpful for the other customers in knowing essential information and also give clarity on our portal.