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Best Sleeping Position For Neck Pain

Best Sleeping Position For Neck Pain

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Having neck pain can cause a lot of difficulty while sleeping. experiencing neck pain can occur due to several issues. it may occur due to spondylitis, arthritis pain, sore neck, and other issues. But for those who are experiencing Pain in the neck more frequently, nighttime sleep can be an issue.

Generally suffering from intense pain in the neck, around the shoulders, and in the neck and spine joints causes a concerned mood, anxiety, and stress which makes you uncomfortable and unable to sleep properly at night.

If you are also experiencing the same issues then ideally this article is for you. In this article, we will find out the best sleeping positions to prevent neck pain and have a comfortable sleep. Also, we have mentioned some sleeping tips before and after sleep to prevent Pain in the neck from getting severe causing further damage to your night sleep.  Most often one of the best pain relievers Pain O Soma 350 mg is used in curing neck pain due to muscle injuries, or due to arthritis pain.

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The Issue Of Neck Pain And Sleep Problems- How Common Is It

Most health experts believe that patients who experience neck pain may have problems with sleep that cause sleep deprivation. Pain in the neck resulting from fractures and arthritis can cause intense pain that becomes unbearable resulting in less sleep.

As per the data, it is seen that about 30% of men above the age of 50 experience neck pain due to arthritis, bone problems, and other issues. And often most of them end up experiencing issues with nighttime sleep.

So if indeed this is a severe issue then it needs to be addressed correctly. Let us find out the most comfortable and recommended sleep positions to help you sustain long sleep without discomfort.

Best sleeping positions when having Pain in the neck. Your way of sleep that is the form and shape of your neck and the head and your sleep posture has a lot to say about the quality of sleep you have. Most often the doctors recommend sleeping in an upfront position with your back towards the bed or sideways. This is because such posture for sleep allows the neck and the spine to remain in a comforting position preventing neck pain.

If you sleep in any other posture you may have to deal with neck pain and joint pain around the neck in the morning.

There is no doubt that when you are sleeping you cannot voluntarily control your sleeping positions. But if you are conscious about it and have the right knowledge about sleep posture then you can naturally get habituated with your sleep posture with time.

Let us get to know more about the right sleeping posture for preventing Pain in the neck from becoming even more severe and to get some comforting night’s sleep.

Sleeping upfront

With this position in bed, you lay up front meaning that your head is always up front facing the ceiling with your back resting on the bed. Most health experts suggest this way of sleep for curing neck pain.

With this, position your neck is ideally supported properly from the back to prevent much stress on the back muscles and the bones on the neck and spine joints.

Those who are already experiencing neck pain may use a thinner pillow. Sometimes the cause of your neck pain may be because your head is resting on a much thicker pillow which is an uncomfortable sleep position triggering Pain in the neck.

Health experts suggest that you use a cervical pillow. Those who are already suffering from Pain in the neck due to spondylitis can sleep without a pillow too if they find it still uncomfortable and have a habit of not using pillows at all.

A better suggestion would be to buy a memory foam that adjusts with the curvings on your head and neck joint and the natural spine curve allowing a more comfortable and peaceful sleep at night.

Another suggestion would be to support your neck by putting pillows around the side of your neck to prevent it from tilting when asleep.

Sleeping Sideways

Another highly recommended posture for night sleep for those who experience more frequent neck pain would be to sleep sideways. By sleeping sideways you ensure that your neck is properly rested and that your chin is always in an erect position. Even sleeping sideways is also recommended form the doctors who have a problem of snoring excessively or those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

For sleeping sideways it is always preferable to use a pillow depending on your convenience and comfort. Avoid sleeping without a pillow as the natural position would mean that your head is slightly tilted and not upright. Generally, even if you sleep in this posture change it from tonight itself, or else your Pain in the neck will get eventually severe with time.

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Recommendations Of Pillows And Mattresses For Preventing Neck Pain

Now let us find out the best choices for pillows and mattresses for those who are suffering from an intense amount of Pain in the neck.

Use A Thin Pillow

A thin pillow prevents your head from being too high from the shoulders when you are sleeping up front or sideways.  It also helps in supporting the neck and spine joint and the upper part of the spine properly.

Use Of Cervical Pillows

The cervical pillow is mostly recommended for those with a more intense amount of neck pain and where it is more acute. It is mostly advised because it keeps your head in the neutral position preventing tilting of your head when sleeping.

Use Of Supportive Mattresses

Do not sleep on soft or too soft and spongy mattresses. Although these may look more alluring and comforting they do not support your spine and the neck properly and may be a reason for experiencing neck pain and back pain issues. The issue is that as they are too soft and spongy you will sink into them and may have trouble keeping a proper posture while asleep.

Use Of Memory Mattresses And Memory Foam

For those who are not getting immediate relief and who have had acute neck pain for a long tenure, it is preferable to change your old mattress and foam with a new one. The memory foam would be the most recommended choice. The fabric of such mattresses is specially engineered to support the natural spine and bone curve around the neck and spine region of the person.

This helps prevent Pain in the neck and gradually heal it when sleeping. Sometimes memory foam and mattresses are custom built according to the spine and bone curve and the supporting points across the back and neck of the customer. Along with these techniques, you can ensure to use medicines such as Pain O Soma 500 mg for healing Pain in the neck.

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Recommendations When You Sleep On Your Side

For those who have a natural tendency to sleep sideways here are a few suggestions to take note of when trying to prevent neck pain from getting too intense. Avoid the use of high and thicker pillows as that would stretch the neck and cause your head to be held too high from the shoulders resulting in an improper sleep posture and triggering neck pain.

Keep the chin upfront and avoid tucking it inside as this generally causes stress on the back regions of your neck.

Final Say

So, as you can see in this article we have explained in depth the best positions to sleep in when having neck pain. We have also recommended some sleeping tips for patients. If you want to buy pain-curing medicines for curing Pain in the neck buy them from the online portal of Pills4ever.