For muscle pain, can you take pain O soma 500mg?

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Physical or muscular is very much a usual thing in today’s time. Almost any day you can get minor or moderate muscle pain that may affect your work situations or daily life activities in no time. From playing your favorite sport, to simply getting an injury from the door hinge or a pole that you didn’t see while waking or talking on your phone. Various avenues can make you hurt either in a small or big way. The minor muscle pains do not cause much damage and we overlook them and continue with our work. But any major muscular pain might not go away organically, in that case, you may need a pain relief ointment to ease the pain.

But in extreme cases, even the pain relief ointments won’t work. You must go for medications in such situations to ease muscular pain like Pain o Soma 500mg and Pain o Soma 350mg. The drug is quite popular among victims of muscular pain that find no better drug for relief. This is because once you search for a list of medicines then you may find some drugs but they do not guarantee better effectiveness.

If you are a victim of chronic muscular pain and you are disturbed and annoyed about suffering from frequent muscular pain, then you must once try Pain o Soma and enjoy the relief provided by it.

What is Pain o Soma 500mg?

Pain o Soma 500mg is a drug that works to ease the pain in muscles and regions around it. It is the medicine that is available in the form of tablets, which are mostly water-soluble. The chewable variant of Pain o Soma 500mg is still not available hence, what you get is the non-chewable version of the medicine which are usually swallowable tablets.

Pain o Soma 500 mg belongs to the group of drugs known as muscle relaxants. And it is evident from the name what their job is. It is a prescription-based drug which means one should all time follow the prescription if the proper benefit is needed. Any change to the prescription is only allowed when a doctor has permitted it.


It is of extreme importance to know what your drug is made of. The major or most prominent ingredient in Pain o Soma 500mg is Carisoprodol. It is a quite known medicine as far as pain relieving medicines are concerned. The composition is not of much importance when the doctor has prescribed Pain o Soma 500mg to you.

Who makes Pain o Soma 500mg?

The maker of Pain o Soma 500mg is HAB Pharma or Pharmaceuticals. It is a Mumbai-based medicine company engaged in the production and distribution of needy medicines across India and overseas as well. The company is only a decade old but its reputation is quite solid in the pharmaceutical market due to its exceptionally well products that surpass the expectation of doctors and patients.

HAB Pharma is also a big player in contract manufacturing where it fulfills the expectation of clients with highly skilled techniques involved in the production of specific medicines. It has registered outstanding growth making it among the most growing pharmaceutical companies in India. And as per the prediction, most of the assumptions regarding sales and revenues have already been surpassed.

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Who can take Pain o Soma 500mg?

All those patients are under the zone of taking Pain o Soma 500mg that have a proper prescription from the doctor stating the use of Pain o Soma 500mg along with some precautions. Do not consider Pain o Soma 500mg to be just any pill that you can take whenever you feel like it. It is no joke but a serious medicine like any other drug you take.

Do not enter into a habit of taking Pain o Soma 500mg whenever you feel minor pain. Until the pain is some kind of serious or intolerable, do not use Pain o Soma 500mg.

Strength and dosage

The most vulnerable parameter for Pain o Soma 500mg is its strength and dosage. 500mg if prescribed to you, then only take that variant do not use 350mg that might be of your benefit. If the doctor has asked you to take Pain o Soma 500mg two times a day, then follow that. Taking it for more or fewer days can become harmful or less efficient for you.

Where to buy Pain o Soma 500mg?

One can avail of Pain o Soma 500mg from the regular medicine stores. Due to high demand if the medical shops declare it out of stock, then you can try going to online medical portals like pills4ever that have more stocks of a particular drug. Either way, you must have withheld a proper prescription for purchase at pills4ever.

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