Treating Headaches: Definition, Types, Causes, And Treatment

Treating Headaches

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Do you feel constant headaches? Are you experiencing a dull pain in your head?

If yes, then you are suffering from headaches that need to be treated by your healthcare physician. Headaches are a common health condition that many people experience at a certain age.

When you have a headache, you will experience mild or severe pain in your head. As there are various types of headaches, it is important to know that not all headaches are not dangerous. Certain types of headaches can be due to a serious underlying health condition. 

A headache is a pain in your face or head that is often described as a pressure that can be constant, throbbing, dull, or sharp. Headaches can differ from person to person. Depending on the severity, pain type, frequency, and location, a healthcare professional diagnoses headache accordingly.

Most people often experience headaches many times during their lives. Headaches are the most common type of ache which can be acute or chronic. When you have a headache, then your doctor prescribes you a medicine named Brufen 400 which helps treat headaches. Along with medications, you can follow certain home remedies which can help you give relief from headaches.  

Types Of Headaches 

There are nearly 150 types of headaches. As to healthcare physicians, there are mainly two types of headaches such as primary and secondary headaches. 

Primary headaches

Primary headaches are caused due to pain-sensitive features or overactivity features in your head which lead to primary headaches. It is essential to know that primary headaches do not occur due to any underlying health issues. Primary headaches are mostly hereditary. 

Primary headaches are further categorized into three types such as cluster headaches, tension headaches, and migraines.

Primary headaches can be triggered by alcohol intake, certain foods, poor lifestyle habits, lack of sleep, crying or laughing vigorously, excessive physical activities, blowing nose, coughing, and skipping meals. You should keep in mind that primary headaches are not dangerous. But, they can be extremely painful and can hamper your daily work.

Secondary headaches 

Secondary headaches can be due to an underlying health issue. Once the underlying health issue is resolved, the secondary headaches are treated automatically. If you have underlying health issues such as medication overuse headaches, sinus headaches, and dehydration headaches, then you will be suffering from secondary headaches. 

Secondary headaches are categorized into spinal headaches and thunderclap headaches. Spinal headaches could be intense which may occur when spinal fluid leaks out of the membrane. You can treat spinal headaches at home. If you leave the spinal headache untreated, then it can turn out to be life-threatening in the future. 

A thunderclap headache could be extremely painful and come all of a sudden. This type of pain may last for a few minutes. Although thunderclap headache is harmless, you should seek medical assistance at once. As per health experts, thunderclap headaches could be due to brain bleed, head injury, a steep rise in blood pressure, and reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome. Taking Brufen 600 can help treat all types of headaches. 

Causes Of Headaches

Various causes are associated with headaches. It has been observed that headache results from signals that interact with your blood vessels, brain, and surrounding nerves. At the time of headaches, multiple mechanisms activate specific nerves that have an impact on blood vessels and muscles. These nerves help send pain signals to your brain, leading to headaches. 

As per health experts, headaches could be hereditary. It has been noticed that people get headaches from genes. If headaches run in your family, then it is certain that you will get headaches. If any of your biological parents have a headache, then you are more likely to be susceptible to headaches. 

Healthcare physicians claim that certain environmental factors can also trigger headaches. If you eat fermented foods, cheese, or chocolates in huge amounts, then you are likely to suffer from headaches. If you consume alcohol or caffeine too much, then your headache will aggravate. If you get exposed to allergens, strong odors, or perfumes, then you will develop headaches.

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Treatment For Headaches 

When you visit your healthcare physician, your doctor will treat headaches by figuring out the triggers. Your doctor will try to understand which type of headache you are suffering from. After knowing the type of headache you are going through, your healthcare practitioner will start the treatment. 

If your headache is due to worries or tensions, then your healthcare provider will try to opt for stress management techniques or counseling.

When your stress levels are low, then you will not suffer from headaches anymore and you will not have to take pills from the Pills4ever site. Not all headaches require medicines. With the help of stress management techniques or proper counseling, you can get relief from headaches. 


When you will learn to cope with stress and stressful situations, then you will not experience headaches. With the help of relaxation techniques, you can ease stress, tension, and worries.

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