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Best Sleeping Positions For Neck Pain

Best Sleeping Positions For Neck Pain

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Experiencing neck pain is common and it may disturb your night sleep. Almost every one of us has at some point in our lives faced a stiff neck, pain around the neck and shoulder joint, and other such issues.

Having such nagging pain around the neck causes problems with a sound night’s sleep. For severe neck pain most often the doctors would recommend you to use Pain O Soma 350 mg.

With such neck pain, it is important to make subtle changes in the position in which you sleep. Certainly, if you do not have a good and stable position during your night sleep it may aggravate neck pain even further.

In this article, we are going to provide you with a detailed description of the best positions that you must sleep in to prevent neck pain from getting severe. 🎯 So let’s begin…

What Is The Best Sleeping Position For Neck Pain?

The position and orientation of your sleep have a big deal in how much peaceful sleep you can get at night. And with neck pain, it is further important to keep your posture erect during your night’s sleep.

Certainly, the best position to sleep when you have a niggle around the neck would be to sleep on your back with your face facing the ceiling and in an erect posture. Ensure to keep the neck still and in a straight perpendicular position to the shoulders.

Sleeping in such a position can cause less stress on the spine and the backbones. Don’t sleep with your belly facing the bed that is in the reverse position. This can cause neck pain to aggravate even further. Doctors also recommend that you sleep on any side.

But even then you must keep your neck and the head straight and perpendicular to the shoulders. Do not slouch your neck when sleeping.

It is common for us to move and shift our positions during our night sleep. if you want to remain in your position it is safe to use side pillows to prevent you from changing your position.

Let us find out about the best sleep positions for neck pain…

Sleeping On Your Back

  • This is by far the most preferred night sleep position when having neck pain. it keeps your spine and the backbones in an erect position.
  • Since your head is quite heavy a tilt in your head during your sleep can cause the neck and spine joint to cause feelings of pain and stress.
  • If you are used to sleeping with a head pillow ensure to use it. But ensure to use a soft and small bed pillow only.
  • Remember to keep your head and neck straight facing the ceiling. To prevent yourself from turning to your side during your night sleep you can make use of side pillows.
  • If you want to go a step further you can use a memory foam that helps you t adjust to your comfortable sleeping position further.
  • This way of sleeping position can also help you to prevent other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea for which you may be using medicines such as Zopisign 10 mg.

Sleeping On Your Side

Another most commonly recommended sleep position from the doctors is to sleep on your side. Ensure to keep your neck and chin erect and straight to the shoulders. Use a pillow that is enough to just rest your head slightly above the bottom shoulder.

And if you have too much tendency to move during your sleep you can use side pillows to maintain the sleep position even when you are unconscious during your sleep.

Follow These Recommendations When You Sleep On Your Side-

Avoid Using High Pillows

  • As we told you above, you need to use only a pillow that would be enough to keep your head straight and prevent tilting or getting too high.
  • If your head pillow is either too high or too low then your head will tilt and eventually, you may experience nagging neck pain.

Keep Your Chin Straight

  • Avoid tucking your chin inside the neck during your sleep. Maintain your cheek at the normal position.
  • Some people have this bad habit of tucking their chin. But by doing so you tilt your head to the front and eventually, the back of the neck and spine joint experiences stress and this may cause neck pain in the morning.

Put A Pillow In Between Your Thighs

Do you know that putting a side pillow along your thighs can help you align your lower spine and the hip joint in the normal position?

Best Way To Sleep With Your Neck Pain

See apart from some of the recommendations we have given above it is critical to know the best position for sleep at night. Remember your spine generally arches in the three positions. One is at the neck and spine joint, the upper part, and the lower part where there is a curve.

With this position of your spine, it is best to sleep in a forward-facing erect position.

It is also a good idea to use a memory foam that will adjust to your sleep position and accustom you to a suitable orientation during your night sleep.

Why Is Sleeping On Your Back Not A Good Recommendation?

Sleeping with your back that is the chest and the stomach facing the bed is not a good position for night sleep. This is especially true for those who are suffering from neck pain. When you sleep with your back facing the bed it causes your head to tilt.

Surely you won’t be facing head down towards the pillow as you will suffocate right? This means that your head is always turned to one side concerning the shoulders.

This causes stress to build up in the upper and neck spine joint regions. This will surely force your neck pain to grow even further.

Other Ways To Cure Your Neck Pain To Have A Sound Sleep

  • In the above sections, we have recommended the best positions for sleep with neck pain. It is most common that despite your best position during sleep you will still struggle with nagging neck pain for a long time.
  • Apart from ensuring the best sleeping position on your bed, there are some other remedies for curing neck pain faster as well.
  • With these techniques, you will also be able to cure your neck pain and ensure a sound and peaceful sleep at night.
  • Here are some of the other techniques for curing neck pain faster

Use Painkillers

You can consult with the doctors to use medicines such as Ibuprofen or pain O soma 500 mg. Such medicines can help cure any form of muscle cramps, and muscle strains that are causing neck pain.

Ensure to take such a medicine just before you call it a day and go to bed to sleep. When you can find complete relief from neck pain it will surely help you to fall asleep and provide a satisfactory rest.

Apply A Hot And Cold Compress

Applying hot and cold compress to the neck and surrounding joints is a good idea to heal neck pain faster. When you apply hot and cold compress it cures the swelling and inflammation surrounding the region. It also helps in increasing blood circulation.

Take A Massage

A simple remedy to cure neck pain faster would be to take a massage. When you undertake a massage you can heal the intense pain faster. Consult with a massage therapist.

Final Say

Having a nagging neck pain can surely hamper your night’s sleep. And with this neck pain, sleeping in the correct postures is highly important. We have recommended some of the best sleeping positions when having neck pain.