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Does Modafinil Raise Blood Pressure?

Does Modafinil Raise Blood Pressure?

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What Is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a generic drug substance that helps bring alertness and motivation inside your body. With the actions of this medicinal substance, it is possible to recover from drowsiness and sleepiness at any time of the day.

Most often doctors recommend the use of Modafinil generic Modalert 200 mg for curing the effects of narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder affecting the sleep-wake cycle of many patients around the world forcing them to have excessive drowsiness and sleepiness during the daytime hours.

The purposeful use of it is recommended by doctors only during the daytime to avert the symptoms of narcolepsy.

In this article, we will find out in detail about the possibility of Modafinil increasing your blood pressure.

We shall find out whether this medicine can increase your blood pressure, and what recommendations patients should follow to use Modafinil additionally when already suffering from high blood pressure.

What Is The Effect Of Modafinil On Your Body?

It has a stimulating effect on the brain. This effect allows the brain cells or neurons to become active and begin processing information quickly.

Is Modafinil Long-lasting in Your System

With the action of the medicine, the neurons may begin working actively processing and sending more neural signals inside the brain.

This includes increasing alertness, focus, and concentration inside your mind. It is possible to recover from any form of drowsiness, fatigue, tiredness, and so on with the effects of Modafinil.

Can Modafinil Increase Blood Pressure?

  • Much research suggests that the use of Modafinil may increase blood pressure in your body. The effects of Modafinil help in increasing the levels of serotonin and nor-adrenaline hormones inside your body that increase alertness, focus, and activation of the heart.
  • This may increase the rate of blood flow to the heart causing blood pressure to rise.
  • Modafinil helps stimulate the brain to get active and this may sometimes also cause a rise in your blood pressure as you become active and focused.

How Does The Effect Of Modafinil Increase Blood Pressure?

Modafinil effects cause the brain cells to increase the processing and sending of neural information. This can cause blood to flow faster increasing the blood pressure inside your body.

Other than this some researchers claim that due to activation of Modafinil helps in increasing the levels of serotonin and nor-adrenaline hormones inside your body. These hormones are responsible for increasing the excitement causing blood pressure to increase.

Is It Not Safe For High Blood Pressure Patients To Use Modafinil?

So, based on this information is it to suggest that patients suffering from high blood pressure must avoid the use of Vilafinil 200 mg as it contains Modafinil inside it? well, you cannot say exactly.

But certainly, those patients who are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension issues currently must consult with the doctors to get additional information.

If you are suffering from hypertension already the doctors may or may not suitably recommend you a dose of Modafinil.

  • It is dependent on the severity of existing high blood pressure issues. the doctors would also like to know about your current age and if any other existing health issues are present.
  • The doctors will further ask you whether you are suffering from any form of cardiac disorder, or use medicines to cure any form of heart disorder.
  • They may ask you whether you experience frequent chest pain or whether you have undergone a cardiac stroke or a heart attack in the past. You should also notify the doctors if you have currently undergone major cardiac surgery any time soon.
  • Do not forget to mention the doctors about your current medicines that are curable for hypertension.

Does Modafinil Cause Irregular Heartbeat?



Some of the minor and rare side effect issues concerning the patients suggest that the use of it may cause irregularity in the heartbeat.

Patients may experience a sudden increase in heartbeat, have palpitation or fast breathing, experience mild chest pain, blurry vision, and so on.

If you experience any such side effects it is highly important to consult with the doctors about this. if you are experiencing such side effects for a long time then the doctors may even recommend you to avoid using the Modafinil pills or else recommend you to reduce your current dose.



Does Misuse Of Modafinil Cause Blood Pressure To Rise?

Misuse of Modafinil pills especially using an overdose of the generic substance could cause blood pressure to rise.

Especially if you are not obliging with the dosage recommendations of the doctor and take a heavy overdose of Modafinil it may cause the more severe side effects of the pills to occur.

This may include suffering from a sudden rise in heartbeat, fast breathing, slight to moderate chest pain, vision blurring, and so on. All these side effects indicate that you may be suffering from high blood pressure.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Using Modafinil?

Some of the most common side effects issues include headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, numbness in the palms, and so on.

Any of these side effects could also be caused due to the effects of Modafinil increasing blood pressure inside your body. Since these are the mild side effects of the medicine it is not recommended to stop taking your pills immediately but consultation with doctors is a must.

Other than this, it can also cause you to have slight chest pain, a rise in blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and so on. generally, these symptoms are more severe and you must consult with the doctors immediately and avoid using any further medicines.

What Precaution Measures To Ensure When Using Modafinil?

  • Whenever you are using any brand of Modafinil such as Modalert, patients must be highly notified to follow certain precautionary measures. for example, if you are suffering from high blood pressure you must notify the doctors at the earliest.
  • Also, mention to the doctors whether you are using any such medicine to reduce high blood pressure.
  • Avoid overdosing on Modafinil so that it does not cause any side effects that may increase your blood pressure. Even if your current dose does not provide the best results do not go for an abruptly high dose without consulting with the doctors.
  • Also, avoid the use of alcohol, and any other form of narcotic or addictive substances. The effects of such substances cannot only undermine the effects of Modafinil in your body but also increase chances of having high blood pressure, and an increase in heartbeat along with other side effects.
  • It is generally not recommended to use your Modafinil dose at night time. Only take the medicines during the daytime since you want to use them for curing narcolepsy.
  • If you keep using it at night time chances are that you may not get enough night sleep due to the wakefulness actions of the medicine. And without proper night sleep for a few days, it may also increase your blood pressure.

Final Say

So, as you can see, in this article we have deeply explained how the effects of it can sometimes raise blood pressure in your body. Mention your currently existing hypertension issues to the doctors.

If you are suffering from critically high levels of blood pressure it may not be safe to use the medicine.

Remember to consult with the doctors also when side effects such as rapid heartbeat, vision blurring, and chest pain occur that indicate modafinil is increasing blood pressure in your body.