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How Is Central Sleep Apnea Treated?

How Is Central Sleep Apnea Treated?

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Have you guys heard about the central sleep apnea disorder yet? Well, we are sure that not many of you may have heard the name of this disorder even before if you are not a victim of this disorder already.

Among the many sleep issues and disorders that can occur to us, this is one of the issues.

It is a type of sleep disorder where the breathing may stop for a few minutes or else the breathing may be too inconsistent during your sleep causing an abrupt awakening in the middle of the night gasping for breath.

In this article, we will briefly inform you about central sleep apnea disorder and see the remedial measures to cure this disorder even if you have the symptoms. So let’s begin…

Introducing The Sleep Apnea Disorder And Its Types

  • Sleep apnea is the disorder that will cause the major symptoms as we discussed above.
  • The major symptoms include having a start and stop breathing in your sleep, sudden stoppage of breathing in your sleep, difficulty in normal breathing cycle during your sleep, and so on.
  • But when it comes to sleep apnea the underlying issue of this breathing problem is induced due to two factors.
  • One is the issue where the muscles and tissues in your body’s throat and neck region will congest the airways, causing difficulty in airflow.
  • This problem is also known as a sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea.
  • As you can clearly understand from the name obstruction of the airways results in lack or hindrance of normal air flow and this is what induces the problem.
  • On the other hand, central sleep apnea is somewhat different. Here the brain is not able to send signals to the diaphragm muscles, or the muscles close the airways for a proper contraction and relaxation during your breathing.
  • It is about this sort of sleep apnea only that we will discuss in today’s article. Get to the doctor if you want to use medicines like Waklert 150 mg.

Central Sleep Apnea A Brief Overview

As we have told you central sleep apnea disorder occurs when the brain is not able to communicate with the organs, and especially the muscles of the trachea, windpipe, and diaphragm to contract and relax in a periodic and timely manner.

This form of sleep apnea disorder is rather uncommon and obstructive sleep apnea is what mostly disturbs the sleep of the patients.

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Understanding The Symptoms Of The Central Sleep Apnea Issue

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

The symptoms include fatigue, tiredness, hallucinations, headache, nausea, difficulty sleeping at night, start-stop breathing, sudden stoppage of your breathing, snoring loudly during your sleep so on.

Get An Idea About The Causes Of The Central Sleep Apnea Disorder

Now it is time for us to check out about the causes of the central sleep apnea disorder.

Most often the cause of central sleep apnea disorder is some form of brain disorder, nerve disorder, central nervous system disorders linking to the spinal cord, use of narcotic drugs or opioid medicines, sleeping in high altitudes, medicines that cure brain and heart disorders, and so on.

Curing Methods Of Central Sleep Apnea Disorder

Sleep Apnea Treatments

Now it is time for us to check out how the central sleep apnea disorder can be cured.

Curing The Underlying Medical Issues

  • Often the reason for having central sleep apnea disorder may be linked to any of your existing medicinal conditions.
  • Most often doctors have found that those people who have some form of brain disorders, nerve disorders, or even those who have undergone.
  • Even it is not uncommon to find that someone with cardiac disorders or those who have already undergone a stroke or cardiac arrest in the recent time may have the symptoms of central sleep apnea issue.
  • Hence, without a doubt, we recommend you consult with the doctor to get the right remedy and cure these underlying conditions that are associated with central sleep apnea issue.
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Avoid The Use Of Certain Medicines.

As we have told you above one of the obvious reasons for having central sleep apnea issues would be because you are taking any medicine, especially opioid medicines. Getting over this requires you to consult with the doctors, inform them that you have been diagnosed with central sleep apnea disorder, and check if you have to use these drugs any longer.

Use Of CPAP Masks

One of the medicated treatments to get rid of the symptoms of central sleep apnea issue is the doctors recommending the use of CPAP masks.

Continuous positive airway pressure masks help maintain a positive air pressure in the windpipe and the throat thus preventing the collapse of these regions that begin the breathing difficulty issues in your sleep.


You may as well consult with the doctors if you want to use medicines such as Modvigil 200 mg to get rid of the issues.

Know about the proper dose, of the medicine and some precautionary measures for the doses.

Warnings And Precautions

Sleep Apnea Health Risks

  • Having central sleep apnea disorder you will have to maintain certain cautious measures in your life.
  • Maintaining a proper and erect sleep posture is extremely important.
  • If you slouch or bend improperly in your sleep especially bending the head and the neck this may result in causing the windpipe blockage resulting in the sleep disorder.
  • Other than this, patients must know when to consult with the doctors.
  • Don’t delay any further if you have been getting the symptoms as we have already discussed in the article above. The further you delay the more chances are that it is going to get even severe with time.


So, as you can see we have described the central sleep apnea issues in this article.

We have also informed you about not just one but several remedies that are possible to cure this sleep issue.

Consult with the doctor to find out the most suitable remedy out of these options depending on your health.

Doctors may recommend you Modvigil 200 pills in case you have narcolepsy disorder.