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Generic Neurontin (Gabatop) 300mg


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Postherpetic neuralgia


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What is Gabapentin 300mg?

Gabapentin 300mg is a medicine that is beneficial in helping patients curing neuropathic pain. This is an oral intake medicine that you take to find relief from nerve pain or acute pain in the nerves that is caused as a side effect of long-term suffering from various disorders.

Acute pain in the nerves can be a result of suffering from acute diabetes, shingles, spinal cord injury, and more. The Gabapentin 300mg is also helpful and works as an anti-seizure medicine curing seizures and convulsant attacks but in combination with other drugs.

Remember that Gabapentin 300mg is not a medicine, rather Gabapentin is a generic ingredient that you can find in several brand names such as Gabapentin.

Being from the prescription group of pills means that this is a medicine that you must take after consulting with the doctor.

What Are The Uses Of Gabapentin 300mg?

The use of Gabapentin 300mg is done for two main reasons. One of them is for curing neuropathic pain while the other one is for curing seizures.

Neuropathic pain

Gabapentin 300mg helps cure long-term neuropathic pain. This pain can be caused as a result of some long-term pre-existing medical disorders in your body such as diabetes, shingles, spinal cord injury, and others.

Using the medicine will give you relief from the pain. The medicine works by not allowing the nerves to transmit the pain signals to the brain. Generally, it may take time for the medicine to be effective and the treatment may go on for months at a stretch.


Gabapentin 300mg is also an anti-epileptic drug and this means that you can use this drug for curing epileptic attacks. Generally, it happens that the medicine works by slowing down the activity of the brain cells that generate epileptic attacks or seizure attacks in the body.

Using this medicine helps to reduce the symptoms of confusion, jerking movements, that are common during the onset of an epileptic attack.

Dosage Of Gabapentin 300mg

As you can see that any brand of medicine containing Gabapentin 300mg will have 300mg of this generic substance in it.

The dose of Gabapentin needs to be sure that is fitting to showcase the maximum results with minimum problems on side effects and contraindications. the 30mg of Gabapentin dose is a medium dose that helps cure small to medium-term attacks.


Remember that you must not use Gabapentin 300mg more than once daily. One pill is enough to last throughout the day.

Or else it may also happen that you are using a higher dose. As with the Gabapentin brand, there are more doses than 300mg alone.

The doctor is likely to check out the severity levels of neuropathic pain, epilepsy severity, and the back end problems that are causing such disorders. Based on your health and intake capacity of Gabapentin the doctor is likely to recommend you the Gabapentin 300mg or any other dose.

Missed Dose

Doses of Gabapentin take time to work. Generally, this time frame of action or working to the fullest of potential may take some time from anything between a few days to a few weeks.

So if you miss out on a dose of Gabapentin 300mg then this will only delay the term of effectiveness and the consistent actions that your doctor is willing to last in your body.

With a regular dose of Gabapentin 300mg the doctor is hoping to keep a safe enough consistent level of Gabapentin 300mg that will likely help the patient to find complete relief from neuropathic pain and epilepsy disorders.


Using the Gabapentin 300mg will have with it various precautions that one must maintain. Adhering to these precautions comes as an important step if you want to be free from side effects and contraindications.


Alcohol is a substance that is helpful in only interacting with Gabapentin 300mg causing side effects. Remember that the use of Gabapentin 300mg with alcohol will cause side effects.


Driving can be dangerous when you are under the influence of Gabapentin 300mg is that side effects like drowsiness, sleepiness, hallucinations and can affect your normal driving tendencies and increase chances of injuries and accidents.

Kidney disorders

People suffering from kidney diseases must adhere to the fact that some severe kidney diseases may affect their health. You may need dose readjustment sometimes while suffering from kidney disorders and taking in the Gabapentin 300mg drug daily.


As such there are no studies that show any severely harmful effects of liver disorders worsening from the use of Gabapentin 300mg.

Side effects

Suffering from side effects is going to be severe when you either overdose heavily or if you are allergic to the generic substance too much.

Remember that more than one side effect can crop up at once. The severity of those side effects and disorders can be sometimes so much that it may need immediate medical attention.

With any recurring nature of side effects, one must not delay in informing the same doctor.

The best way to negate the actions of side effects is to maintain enough caution during the dose intake that does not lead to an overdose or contraindicating tendency.

Side effects-




Impairment of coordination


Uncontrolled eyeball movement



Viral infection


Storage conditions

The ideal storage condition for storing the medicines is to ensure a temperature that is less than 30 degrees Celsius. The humidity factor should also be below and the lower it is the better for storing the medicines.

What happens if you take too much Gabapentin 300mg?

Gabapentin 300mg when taken in an excess amount will lead to side effects. Try and avoid using the drug only in the doses that are recommended by the doctor.

How to Take Gabapentin 300mg?

Gabapentin 300mg is an oral drug that you must take in via mouth. Avoid crushing the drug or breaking the pill in half as this will lead to less efficacy of the use of the pills. The only recommendable fluid substance that one must use for intake of the pills in water. As you must already know by now alcohol is a triggering agent that might cause side effects.


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