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Gabantin 400mg

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Neuropathic Pain


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What is Gabantin 400mg?

Gabantin 400mg is a medicine that you need to take orally and one that can help cure neuropathic pain. This is a medicine in which people having various types of pain in the nerves be it general neuropathic pain as a result of some pre-existing disorder or those suffering from an epileptic shock or seizure attacks.

It seems that the formula for using Gabantin 400mg is pretty simple enough. All you have to do is use the medicine and find relief. Remember that Gabantin is not any medicinal brand name. Rather this is a generic substance that helps cure neuropathic pain.

Also if you are willing to use Gabantin 400mg then you must know that this is a prescription substance and that you must hire a doctor and get it written on their prescription buy him.

What Are The Uses Of Gabantin 400mg?

Gabantin 400mg mainly has two purposes. Let’s find out about the dual role of the disease.

Neuropathic pain

Suffering from neuropathic pain is one of the major disorders that people suffer from as a result of some pre-existing disorders. This is a disorder that may occur from diseases that affect the nerves in one way or the other. This includes diabetic pain, shingles that are also known by the name of herpes zoster infection, and injury to the spinal cord.

The medicine is helping to relieve patients from pain by interfering with the normal transmission of the signals from the brain.


Gabantin 400mg is also helpful in curing epileptic attacks and seizures. This is a medicine that is going to provide relief to patients as a preventive type of medication the use of which daily will only prevent patients from suffering from a severe type of epileptic attack.

Using the medicine may also provide some relief to patients from excessive shivering and confusion and jerking movements.

Dosage Of Gabantin 400mg

Gabantin 400mg is a generic substance and this much of dose is found in its brands such as Gabapin 40mg.

The dose is high enough and doctors generally recommend the use of this medicine to patients who are suffering from an intense sort of neuropathic pain or epilepsy attacks quite frequently. The general dosage recommendation to someone using any of the generic Gabantin drugs would start from a smaller dose of Gabantin 100mg. This is a dose small enough and taking it in will allow your body t adjust to the use of the medicine. Thereafter as you become suited to the drugs the dosage would be increased gradually in a step-by-step fashion.

Gabantin 100 | Gabantin 300


It is very conclusive to think what the general consequences of taking in more Gabantin 400mg than what you need. You see a dose high enough for you will result in excess Gabantin remaining in your body and this is quick to trigger side effects.

Remember that overdosing will cause pain and discomfort through side effects. It is by far the best idea that you conserve and consult the prescription once while using the dose daily.

Missed Dose

Missing out on a dose of Gabantin 400mg is something that is not worthwhile to do. One of the problems is that generic Gabantin does take time to act and show its maximum efficacy. You may realize the effects of using the drug right away after intake.

But it is only after the first couple of days or weeks of dose that helps show the full potential of a dose of Gabantin 400mg.

So, during the whole of your treatment term, you will have to keep taking consistent doses to prevent a missed dose instance.


Just like using any other medicine, you must ensure to stick to the precautions if using the Gabantin 400mg drug.

These include-

Avoiding alcohol

Alcohol is one of the things you must avoid. You see using alcohol during your daily dosage of Gabantin 400mg is going to have associated side effects. Make sure that you can avoid the use of the medicine while on a regular course of the medicine.

Avoiding driving

Driving is something that you must avoid. You see you might be under the influence of commonly occurring side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, or sleepiness that might affect your driving skills and this will only increase the chances of suffering from injuries and accidents.

Not for those with severe kidney problems

If you are one of those who have severe kidney problems then you must avoid the use of the drugs. Generally, any sort of severe kidney problem must be reported to the doctor.

Advice for pregnant and breastfeeding women

The general advice for pregnant and breastfeeding women is that they must consult the doctor to find out whether they can adjust to the dose of Gabantin 400mg. Generally depending on the health of the patient the doctor is either going to allow you to use the medicine or forbid you to.

Side effects

There are various types of side effects that may range from being mild to severe. The mild ones will generally occur when you are using Gabantin 400mg for the first time in your life. On the other hand, the more severe ones will occur when you don’t consult the doctor or when you unknowingly take this medicine yet when you are allergic to generic Gabantin.

Side effects-




Impaired coordination




Viral infection


Storage conditions

For someone who has bought the medicine and is looking to store it in the right conditions then you must ensure proper temperature and humidity conditions.

Ideally, you keep the medicines in less than 30 degrees Celsius or less humidity. This will be ideal for storing the medicines and ensure their longevity.

What happens if you take too much Gabantin 400mg?

When you take more amounts of generic Gabantin 400mg than what your body is adjustable to then this means that you are taking an overdose of the substance and this will generally have side effects on your body. Check out the section under overdose or side effects as given above in this article to know more.

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