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Zopisign 10 MG

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Anxiety and Insomnia


HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd


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What Is Zopisign?

Zopisign 10 is a medicine that helps cure insomnia. If you are having difficulties falling asleep then this is the medicine that you can choose to go with.

By using the pills brings about the onset of sleep and therefore it helps cure the lack of sleep problems. This ensures sound sleep at night. The chemical class of the drugs is known as cyclopyrrolone derivative.

Zopisign 10mg has one major drawback in it and that is it has habit-forming potential. The therapeutic class of medicine is Neuro CNS and the action class is non-benzodiazepine hypnotics.

About Zopisign 10

Zopisign 10 is a medicine that helps bring about sleepiness. You can use the pills to bring about sleep and have a normal comfortable sleep at night. Remember that this is a prescription pill and one must use the pills under the recommendation of a doctor.

The best way to have the medicine is one pill each day on an empty stomach. For maintaining the actions of the pills consistently do not forget to take the pills. Remember that taking in the medicines incurs a metallic taste and may also cause dizziness and drowsiness symptoms to appear.

Manufacturer of Zopisign 10

  • HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd

Strength and Dosage of Zopisign 10

Zopisign 10 is a generic substance that you can find to have some sleep. The 10mg dose is just one of the doses that doctors prescribe to the patients. Apart from this, there are some other doses available for the generic substance as well.

This includes the Zopisign 2.5mg, Zopisign 5mg, Zopisign  7.5mg and Zopisign 10. And this means that the Zopisign 10 is by far the highest dose that you can take.

Remember that with so many options only the best person to find you the right dose is the doctor.

Use of Zopisign 10

Zopiclone is a generic substance and its only use is for curing the sleep disorder problem of insomnia. You can use the pills for curing insomnia but remember that this is only for a short-term basis. It is only safe for you to use the medicines for a couple of weeks or a few months at a stretch but not more than this.

Zopisign 10 is a short-acting medicine. And this means that you have to keep using the pills daily and consistently to allow the actions of the pills to keep ongoing.

Remember that the pills of Zopisign 10 do have side effects and therefore even if you are not having the intended effects after the use of the pills then talk to the doctor but do not change the dose as per your will.

How to take Zopisign 10

Taking in Zopisign 10 is just according to the dose ad the timings as specified by the doctor.  One pill has to be taken every span of 24 hours. The best timings for intake of the medicine are at night time before going to bed. It is preferable to have an empty stomach or else even if you have meals then try and have light meals.

Intake of Zopisign 10 is done using water. Using any other fluid other than water such mostly alcohol is dangerous and this can trigger dangerous side effects.

Remember that the pill once you have it in your mouth needs to be swallowed right away without crushing or chewing the pills.

How Zopisign 10 works

Zopisign 10 is an oral intake medicine that works by activating those areas of the brain that control sleep. The medicine works by also controlling those areas of the brain that work towards focus, maintaining concentration but in a different way.

In these parts of the brain, the medicine has a submissive effect and it generally works to release those chemicals and hormones that reduce the activity of the neurotransmitters. Similarly, in the areas that control sleep, the medicine has affluent effects that are in these neurotransmitters the medicine will increase the activity inside that allow sleepiness, and drowsiness.


The Zopisign 10 is by far one of the largest doses that you can get. As we mentioned earlier in the article as well there are two other smaller doses of the medicine that you can buy as well. Apart from the 10mg dose, you have the 7.5mg and the 5mg dose.

Remember that when it comes to the choice of dose selection for your use consulting the doctor is highly important. As far as the timing or the frequency of use of the medicine is considered it is taken at one pill daily.

How long Zopisign 10 shall be continued

Generally, one pill of Zopisign 10 is to be continued only for a short term. Remember that you must use the Zopisign 10 only for a short term of a few weeks. If you use the medicines consistently on a time frame higher than this then you can suffer from the drug abusive effects of using the medicine.

Remember that you need to use the medicine only as long as the doctor informs you to. Depending on how fast you are showing recovery or how well you are adapting to the dose of the medicines or even the severity level of insomnia you have to keep in touch with a doctor throughout the treatment term.

Missed dose of Zopisign 10

With its effects being of a limited short-term nature you must keep taking in the doses consistently to have regular effects. On missing out a dose you will suffer from the same insomnia problems again.

Zopisign 10 Contradiction

There are potential contraindications of using the medicine. One must remember that if you are using any pills for curing any existing disorders then you have to take the same to the doctor to find out any contraindicating nature of pills.

When not to take Zopisign 10

As you think figure out logically at times patients who are suffering from severe alcohol addiction or have allergic tendencies with Zopisign 10 need to avoid the use of the pills altogether.

Side effects

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Sleepiness
  • Hallucinations
  • Confusion

Overdose Effects of Zopisign 10

it is quite clear that if you are suffering from the overdose effects of using the medicine then you will surely suffer from one or more of the side effects.

Precaution & Warning

Generally one needs to adhere to some precautions that logically derive out of the use of the medicines. These will include things like avoiding an overdose or missing out on medicines on time and avoiding taking any of the contraindicating substances.

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