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Symbal 60mg


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Depression and other pain disorders


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What Is Symbal 60?

Symbal 60 is a drug that can find good effects in curing a range of multiple disorders ranging from various psychological problems. Prescription pills are allowing you to find relief from different types of neural pain such as the ones caused due to diabetic pain, or fibromyalgia which is general neural pain caused due by tenderness and psychological disorders like depression and anxiety.

The Symbal 60 is a medicine allowing you to be used only when the doctor recommends you to. Using this medicine will release chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and noradrenaline. This has a calming effect on the brain and helping you to find a calming effect on your nerves to maximize the use of the pills.

About Symbal 60

Symbal 60 is a medicine that helps cure various disorders having psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. This is a medicine that is prescription based and the pills need to be taken at more or less the same time each day. The generic ingredient that you will find in the pills is Duloxetine in the strength of 60mg.

The chemical class of the drugs is called naphthalene derivative. While there are no chances of habit-forming the therapeutic class of medicines is neuro CNS and the action class is serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake.

Manufacturer of Symbal 60

The manufacturer of the pills is Torrent Pharma Ltd. This limited company is based in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India.

The company is one of the leading pharmaceutical names right now not only in India but also coming under the rest of the world.

Its medicines are supplied limited not only to the geographical boundaries of India but to the rest of the world such as in Europe, the US, and South America.

Strength and Dosage of Symbal 60

The strength of the dose as you can see is 60mg. The medicine contains 60mg of Duloxetine. There are various other doses such as one smaller dose being the 40mg dose.

Remember that with such varieties of doses one must find out the right form of suitable dose that can help find the maximum effects. Make sure that you are not overdosing as this may cause side effects to trigger.

Use of Symbal 60 having salt Duloxetine

Symbal 60 with generic Duloxetine helps cure disorders of a mostly psychological type such as anxiety, and depression. Apart from this one might find the pills to be useful in curing neuropathic pain caused as a side effect of diabetic problems or general neuropathic pain that is fibromyalgia.

The medicine helps cure different psychological problems and therefore its use is better to be mandated by a doctor to prevent signs of overdose.

How to take Symbal 60

As this is an oral dose of medicine you should better take this drug using an oral swallowing technique. Just put one pill in your mouth and put some water. Of course without doing anything such as breaking, chewing, or crushing the pills just gulp down whatever you have in your mouth.

Remember that there is no fixed timing for intake of the pills and therefore one may take it in the morning when the patient is on an empty stomach or after having meals that are in a filled stomach.

How Symbal 60 works

Symbal 60 is a medicine that will work to increase two different hormones, one of which is the serotonin hormone and the other one is the noradrenaline hormone. It does so by stopping the reuptake of both the hormones in the brain cells.

Thereafter, this will cause the pain sensations to block of eventually as more serotonin and noradrenaline will suppress the excess working of the brain cells that are generating the pain signals.


For a day’s dose, one pill is enough to cause effects to last during the whole of the day or 24 hours. Remember that within 24 hours taking more than one pill will cause side effects.

You should ideally avoid taking in an overdose of Symbal 60 as this will cause side effects with excess Duloxetine.

Your dose whether it is 40mg or 60 mg will entirely depend on the type of disorder and its severance levels.

Symbal 20 | Symbal 30

How long Symbal 60 shall be continued

Make sure that you are taking in Symbal 60 only being in touch with the doctor throughout your treatment term. Do not stop taking the course midway through one dose as this might make the symptoms reappear.

Do not use the medicines once the doctor asks you to stop the dose once you are cured as it is likely to cause side effects.

Missed dose of Symbal 60

Generally, it may take weeks for even the effects of Symbal 60 to come into full realization. And on top of this if you just keep missing out on your doses then two things will happen. One is that you will find the drugs to work after an even longer time and surely this will also increase the treatment time.

Symbal 60 Contradiction

Narcotic Drugs and alcohol are two general contraindicating agents. But some medicines will also show up contraindicating nature with using Duloxetine and this includes drugs like thioridazine, atazanavir, Atomoxetine, Citalopram. As per our best guidance take all your ongoing pills to carry a sample each to your doctor.

When not to take Symbal 60

There are a few instances in which you might feel that the use of Symbal 60 is not safe. These are when you are generally allergic to taking Symbal 60 or when you are using any contraindicating type of pills/

Side effects



Dryness in mouth



The effects of these will slow down as you become more used to the drugs.

Overdose Effects of Symbal 60

Overdosing Symbal 60 will cause the above-mentioned symptoms to rise. Do not use the pills without a recommendation from a doctor.

Precaution & Warning

The general precautions include avoiding using the pills while on a contraindicating medicine, avoiding an overdose, avoiding missed doses. Apart from these, there can be some other exclusive precautions that you might have to watch out for if they are being mentioned by the doctor.


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