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Serta 25mg


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Panic disorder and Depression


Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd


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What Is Serta 25mg?

About Serta 25mg

Serta 25 Mg is the solution for one of the biggest disorders today known as depression. In the 21st century when technology has made life easier people are troubled with their minds. Depression is a mental state where the person becomes lonely, hallucinates about bad events and blames himself/herself for mistakes in life. Behaviour change is observed with suicidal thoughts also entering the mind. Causes of depression are shock, distress, post-trauma situations, anxiety etc. Serta 25mg cures depression and related mental disorders like panic, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Obsessive compulsion. These are not disorders in the real sense but a mental condition caused due to an unfortunate event or regular activity in life which you do not like.

Serta 25 Mg contains Sertraline as the active ingredient. With mental disorders, the problem is a lack of awareness and misinformation. There are no scars and injuries visible during stress. Go to the doctor for diagnosis and take Serta 25mg under his/her consultation.

Manufacturer of Serta 25mg

Serta 25mg is the product of Torrent Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. Founded in 1959 in Ahmedabad Torrent Pharmaceuticals began its glorious journey of saving lives across the world. In the initial days, its services were limited within the boundaries of India. Today its products like Serta 25mg are easily available in most of the developed countries like the US, UK, France, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Ireland etc.

One need not worry about the safety of the drug when its manufacturer is Torrent Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. Today the brand is one of the largest makers of pharmaceuticals in the world clocking billion of dollars as revenues.

Strength and Dosage of Serta 25mg

Serta 25mg has the strength of 25mg with most of the part being the active ingredient, Sertraline itself. The drug must be taken in appropriate dosages to prevent any undesired reaction. Taking less amount of dosage than prescribed can result in low effectiveness of the drug. Whereas if someone takes an excess dosage it is termed as overdose. So, the best thing is to follow the prescription in matters of strength and dosage.

Serta 25mg Availability

The availability of a drug depends on various factors, first is the demand. If the demand is great the shopkeepers would love to have the drug. Second is the manufacturer, the trust and sense of security on a product of an established brand is more than in the case of a fairly new brand. In both cases, Serta 25mg passes the criteria to become a highly available drug. Mental disorders are rapidly increasing nowadays thus, people are in dire need of pills like Serta 25mg. Visit any nearby medical store or online medical portal to get your stress reliever.

Use of Serta 25mg having salt Sertraline

Some may get confused that Serta 25mg is used just for depression. No, factually it is beneficial in curing various mental and psychological ailments like PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), Panic, Obsessive Compulsion etc.

Even after curing a mental trauma, people succumb to depression in its aftermath. Serta 25mg uplifts the mood and releases stress to counter the situation.

How to take Serta 25mg

There’s nothing special in taking Serta 25mg the process is identical to other drugs.

Get a glass of water and with it the number of pills prescribed by the doctor and swallow it.

Serta 25mg is not a chewable drug, therefore, do not chew or break the pills by any means. Swallow the drug as a whole without destructions.

Do not take the drug if the seal is broken.

Take the drug only with water and no other solvent. Using other beverages with Serta 25mg can initiate unknown reactions which can be harmful also.

How does Serta 25mg work?

Serta 25mg works to get over the state of depression by uplifting the mood of the person. This is done by facilitating the secretion of a hormone called serotonin which affects the wellbeing and feelings of the person. When the serotonin levels drop to extremely low levels, we witness depression and anxiety. Lack of serotonin can lead to reduced sexual drive, difficulty in sleeping and higher levels of stress.


Get your dosage correct if you want to get rid of the disorder quickly. Perfect dosage is only given by the doctor so, don’t look for opinions from useless persons. The correct and most prescribed dosage of Serta 25mg is 2 to 3 pills in a day. The doctor can sometimes increase the dosage after few weeks of medication.

How long Serta 25mg shall be continued

Well, one cannot tell you the exact number of days unless it is your respective doctor. Only he has the total knowledge of your disorder as how severe it is? How is it reacting in your body? Etc. Refer to the prescription because the duration is mentioned clearly.

Missed a dose of Serta 25mg

It is not a catastrophe to miss the dose of Serta 25mg but if this happens frequently then the efficiency of the drug is surely under decline.

Taking the drug regularly at a fixed time creates a rhythm that is disturbed once you miss the dose.

Therefore, it is advised to take the drug at the same time on the next day. It re-establishes the broken rhythm.

Serta 25mg Contradiction

With Sildenafil & Tadalafil

Moderate reactions. This will lead to low blood pressure and sleepiness.

With Rasagiline

Extremely dangerous. Disturbed sleep cycles and high levels of stress is encountered even leads to coma.

When not to take Serta 25mg

You need not take the drug if the doctor hasn’t told you to. Regarding mental health, some rumours and assumptions lead people who are not ill to take drugs.

If you are allergic to Sertraline, the main component of Serta is 25mg.

When you are suffering from a personality disorder.

If you taking supplements of nitrates and sulphates.

Side effects

Erectile Dysfunction

Your penile region may get affected causing distress in experiencing orgasm.

Loss of appetite

The urge to have a meal may get reduced which can result in weight loss.

Overdose Effects of Serta 25mg

Overdosing Serta 25mg may land you in trouble because of the harmful side effects. Some side effects are high blood pressure, high pulse rate, too much sweating and shortness of breath etc.

Precaution & Warning

In case you have any breathing disorders like asthma, your problem might get worse. Get it consulted from the doctor before taking it.

The drug causes drowsiness hence, doing any task which involves strict alertness and vigilance is not recommended such as driving.

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