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Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg


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muscle relaxant


Sun Pharmaceuticals


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About Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg

Generic Skelaxin or Flexura 400mg is a drug that gives a cure for Musculoskeletal pain in the body. People may be wondering that every now and then people have some pain in their muscles. Does this mean that all such people suffer from Musculoskeletal pain and they should take Generic Skelaxin?

Musculoskeletal pain includes all such pain that affects muscles, bones, and ligaments or tendons. But not all of them require eating our pills. Minor pains can be got away with a little massage with an ointment. Generic Skelaxin solves the problem by easing the tension among the muscles giving a relief sensation.

Manufacturer of Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg

King Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd are the manufacturers of Generic Skelaxin 400 mg. Being in the industry for multiple decades has given King Pharmaceuticals has become a global medicine manufacturer and distributor.

The products of King Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd are trusted easily by doctors and patients, because earlier also they have used its products. If you have a fever, liver cirrhosis or constipation. King Pharmaceuticals has the cure for every ailment, but before taking the drug get it prescribed from the doctor.

Strength and Dosage of Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg

Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) is available in two strengths of 400mg and 800mg. Take the one which you have been prescribed. Strength and dosage are some of the parameters that determine the efficiency and the nature of its functions.

If someone who has been prescribed 400mg takes 800mg then he or she would be get cured but instead suffer from serious side effects. This is the reason doctors give so much emphasis on the proper application of prescription.

Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg Availability

One need not worry about Generic Skelaxin’s availability because it is always in great demand. Hence, it is always in full stock in either medical stores or online stores.

This suggests the increasing cases of musculoskeletal pain among the masses. The causes are intense force applied on bones and joints like in the case of Bone Fracture. Prevent unnecessary high-intensity workouts if you do not have the habit of doing it.

Use of Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg having salt Metaxalone

  • The primary use of Generic Skelaxin is to ease the muscular pain in bones, joints, or any part of the body. This is done by managing the signals carrying the sensation of pain. Thus, interfering with the nervous system of the body.

How to take Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg

  • Taking Generic Skelaxin is not a tough thing to do, you only need a glass of water.
  • Swallow the pill or pills with a glass of normal water at room temperature.
  • Make sure not to apply any external pressure on the pills by biting or chewing them.
  • One can take the drug either before or after taking a meal. It does not make any difference to its reaction.
  • The drug should be taken at fixed times every day. This creates a periodic cycle that helps in the proper functioning of the drug.
  • During the duration of the drug refrain from taking any intoxicating drinks or consumables such as marijuana, alcoholic beverages etc.

How does Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg works?

The working principle of Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg is clearly not known to the scientific community. But the majority of the assumptions and reports say that it works through the method of sedation. It stops the sensation of pain from reaching the brain thus, you do not feel the pain anymore.

In sedation the same process takes place where the brain does not accept or sends out any signals thus, reducing the activity in the brain. This puts the nervous system to slow down and the person feels sleepiness or a kind of intoxication.


Dosage is one parameter that sets patients to differ from each other. Though two patients may be suffering the same disorder their dosage may be different. It depends on individual factors such as the severity of the disorder, any specific allergies, and others.

For Generic Skelaxin one pill is 400 mg at the least because the other variant is 800mg. Only 1 pill of the drug should be taken of any variant in a day (24 hours).

How long Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg shall be continued

The duration assigned for the drug is mentioned in the prescription. Therefore, one does not need to fall into rumors. People often take drugs for an extended time period on the belief that their disorder would be cured quickly. But instead, they unintentionally overdose on the drug.

Missed a dose of Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg

It may happen that due to a busy lifestyle one can miss the dose. But we should be made sure that it does not happen again. Frequent missing the dose can result in less efficiency of the drug against the disorder.

The day when you miss the dose, skip that day. And take the next dose on another day at the same time as earlier.

Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg Contradiction

With Antidepressants

Can cause nervous breakdown and abnormal behavior situations.

With Anaemia treating drugs

Prohibited by doctors. Very serious in the scale of damage.

When not to take Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg

  • Do not take the drug if you are in the recovery phase of treatment.
  • If you are allergic to Metaxalone, which is the main ingredient of the drug. Then you must change the drug.
  • Refrain from taking the drug when you are pregnant. Though no study has found it to be dangerous if you intend to take the drug, consult the doctor.

Side effects

Loss of appetite

You may not feel the urge to eat for long durations. But still consume liquids and light meals. Do not stay empty stomach for long hours.


Your head may pain severely or mildly for few hours. Apply an ointment for relief. In case it gets too severe, inform the doctor about it.

Overdose Effects of Generic Skelaxin (Flexura) 400mg

If you have taken excessive amounts of Generic Skelaxin then you have made a mistake, for which you need to repent. Repentance can be done by overcoming some side effects because they are inevitable. Some of the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, slight fever, and rashes, etc.

Precaution & Warning

  • For those who are suffering from serious liver and kidney disorders, you must refrain from taking the drug.
  • People who take sleeping pills should not consume the drug.
  • If you are taking painkillers currently then do not use Skelaxin.


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