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Generic Neurontin (Gabatop) 400mg


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Postherpetic neuralgia


Healing Pharma, India


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About Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg

Generic Neurontin Capsule is the drug that gives relief from frequent seizures and nerve pain. If used with instructions as per the prescription it can eliminate the problem of nerve pain completely. But one cannot expect total eradication from seizures or epilepsy because it is a terminating disorder.

One can only control the effects of epilepsy to the extent that it does not interfere in our daily life. No need to get disappointed if you are also one of the epilepsy patients because you are not alone. People are suffering from seizures but at the same time working more effectively. So, one need not worry and get depressed about being an epilepsy patient.

Manufacturer of Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg

Generic Neurontin Capsule 400mg is the product of Sun Pharmaceuticals PVT Ltd. The name of the brand is enough to recall familiarity and loyalty among customers. People have been using its products almost for every small and large ailment. Be it a cough, cold or fever, Sun Pharmaceuticals has drugs for every disorder.

Its high-efficiency drugs with no major side effects are the reason that doctors prescribe Sun Pharmaceuticals’ drugs many times. Sun Pharmaceuticals is an Indian brand but it has its presence in most of the countries across the globe.

Strength and Dosage of Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg

Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg will work properly if taken in prescribed amounts of strength and dosage. This is the reason doctors give so much importance to strictly following the prescription. A prescription is specific to the patient, and it may not match with another person with the same disorder.

Generic Neurontin Capsule is available in 400mg, 600mg and 800mg. Only take the variant which has been prescribed to you.

Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg Availability

Due to low mental strength and deteriorating composure, more people are succumbing to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. This is giving rise to cases where people are diagnosed with abnormal behavior as in the case of seizures.

Therefore, if the diseases are reaching new heights so, will the drug that cures them. The sales of Generic Neurontin Capsules 400mg are witnessing new heights making it a readily available drug all the time. One can quickly avail of the drug from medical stores and online pharmaceutical websites.

Use of Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg having salt Gabapentin

  • The first purpose of the taking of Generic Neurontin Capsule 400mg is to eliminate neuropathic pain, caused due to nerve damage. Such pain can occur in any part of the body because the nerve has been damaged.
  • Another area where Generic Neurontin Capsule 400mg is used, is in epilepsy or seizures. It is the condition where the person behaves abnormally or loses consciousness about his or her identity. But after few moments he or she comes back to normal with no memory of that period.

How to take Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg

  • One can easily take the drug because it is very simple with no extra requirements.
  • The drug belongs to the category of water-soluble ones. Which means one needs to swallow it with a glass of water.
  • Make sure you only take the pill with water and no other liquid. Many people want to have the pill with their favourite beverage like cold drinks, whiskey and beer. Such actions cause harmful side effects.

How does Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg works?

The drug works in two different aspects, the first when it is taken to overcome nerve damage or neuropathic pain. And the other is to control the symptoms and frequency of seizures.

In case of nerve damage, the drug stops the signals of pain from reaching the disorder as well. Hence, the person does not feel the sensation of pain. When it is taken in case of seizures, it reduces the activity in the brain by lowering the transmission of messages in and out of the brain. Thus, the brain is put to rest causing the person to sleep. Thus, the occurrence of seizures is lowered and its intensity too.


The dosage of Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg is dependent on the variant of the drug you take.

If you take the drug of 400mg, take two pills of 200mg a day. If you take a pill of 600mg, then 3 pills of 200mg in a day. Similarly, if you take the 800mg variant then take 4 pills of 200mg in a day. But above all follow the prescription without any exceptions.

How long Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg shall be continued

The duration of the drug-like dosage is a very specific parameter. It varies from patient to patient. But like dosage and strength, duration is also mentioned in the prescription. Kindly follow the prescription at any cost.

If after completing the course if you haven’t seen any improvement. Consult the doctor, do not take the drug for more days by yourself. This may cause you side effects due to overdose of the drug.

Missed a dose of Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg

Missing the dose is not an offence that can lead to side effects but it can surely reduce the impact of the drug against the disorder. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the ailment as quickly as possible, do not miss the dose.

But if you miss the dose, follow some steps:

  • Skip that day’s dosage and wait for the next day to take the drug.
  • Never compensate for earlier days miss by taking more pills on the next day.

Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg Contradiction

With Antidepressants

Can result in serious mental illness. Can also lead to coma if instructions are not followed. Consult the doctor before taking the drug along with antidepressants.

With paracetamol

No major research has been done regarding its reaction to Gabapentin.

When not to take Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg

  • In case you are tested for being allergic and uncomfortable with the drug. In such situations, it is best to change to a different drug.
  • When you are in the process of treatment of another disorder.
  • When you have recently undergone any kind of surgery.
  • Serious heart, kidney and liver patients should not consume Gabapentin capsules.

Side effects

Suicidal thoughts

The person may get depressed to the extent that he or she starts getting suicidal thoughts.

High blood pressure

Many consumers were found to be suffering from high blood pressure which then leads to hypertension.

Overdose Effects of Generic Neurontin Capsule (Gabatop) 400mg

Overdose is the condition when you violate the drug and take excess dose than mentioned in the prescription. Such things happen only when people believe the rumours that taking excess amounts will cure the disorder faster. But in turn, it causes us side effects that are sometimes more dangerous than the disorder itself.

In case of overdosing Generic Neurontin Capsule 400mg one has to face side effects such as narcolepsy, dizziness and low blood pressure etc.

Precaution & Warning

  • The drug should be taken as per the instructions in the prescription.
  • In any case, if the side effects turn from being minor to harmful. Inform the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Patients should tell the doctor whether currently, they are taking other drugs or not.


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