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Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule


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About Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule

Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule is the drug prescribed for curing muscle contractions, also known as spasms. It mostly occurs due to long term musculoskeletal pain which is ignored and left untreated. The tissues at the site contract into a mass which causes pain when touched.

Overuse of muscles also tends to cause spasms. This is the reason it is advised not to do intense workouts unless you have a habit of doing it. Doing such vigorous workouts occasionally can cause multiple spasms and swelling of the skin. Report to the doctor even if you have minor spasms and use Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule for a complete cure.

Manufacturer of Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule

The maker of Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule is Sun Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. Known for manufacturing life saving and all kinds of drugs for 5 decades, Sun Pharmaceuticals is recognized worldwide. Products of Sun Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd are approved for passing all the safety tests worldwide.

Hence, you would find its products easily in overseas such UK, USA, Russia, South Africa, Canada, Switzerland, Poland and Australia etc. The product catalogue of Sun Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd has solutions for fever, diarrhoea, nausea, abortion, liver cirrhosis, heart disorders and sexual wellness.

Strength and Dosage of Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule

One should always take the drug in exact strengths and dosages as mentioned in the prescription. Or else the person can become more vulnerable to side effects which are sometimes even more dangerous than the ailment.

In the case of Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule, it is available in mostly two strengths, 15mg and 30mg. The dosage can either be one 30 mg in a day or two 15 mg in a day. Though both of them see equal it is the doctor who will decide for you.

Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule Availability

The availability of the drug shows its demand in the market and also suggests the spread of the disorder. If the disorder is widely spread then you would easily get the drug at any medical store everyone is keeping it in full stocks.

In the case of Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule, the disorder is quite common. So, one would not encounter any difficulty while looking for pills. He or she can quickly avail the drugs from local medical shops and online websites that offer drugs.

Use of Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule having salt cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride

  • The salt cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride helps cure the muscles spasms that are evident in multiple areas of the body. More specifically it does not cure the spasms but it eradicates the pain caused due to it.
  • Therefore, one does not feel pain when the spasm gets pressed and touched. Slowly, over time the contractions are relaxed and it merges with the skin surface.

How to take Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule

  • The process of intaking Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule is simple and quick.
  • As we know this is not a chewable tablet therefore one need not chew or break the pill into pieces while taking it.
  • It should be swallowed with a glass of water.
  • The liquid taken with the drug should only be water and nothing else. Some people have the fantasy to take drugs with beer, fruit juices and cold drinks. Such acts can prove to be life-threatening as well.
  • One can either take the drug before or after the meal. This does not change anything associated with the drug.

How does Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule works?

We know that Generic Amrix Capsule works to relieve us from the pain caused due to irregular muscular contractions or spasms. The pain occurs when the area of contraction is subjected to mechanical pressure. For example, touching the area or pressing it. Therefore, if you also have spasms on your body then guard it against touch, because it hurts not severely but badly.

This pain is reduced by blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain. Thus, the brain is not aware of pain and contraction in some parts of the body. Thus, the person is relieved of the pain.


The dosage of the drug should not be an issue because it is clearly mentioned in the prescription. The doctor gives the appropriate dosage for you which will ensure no side effects and optimum efficiency of the drug.

In this case, Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule has two variants, 15 mg and 30 mg. In a day (24 hours) one should not take more than 60mg of the drug. Hence, 2 pills of 30mg and 4 pills of 15mg are the maximum limit.

How long Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule shall be continued

Similar to dosage, the duration of Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule is also mentioned in the prescription. Hence, if anyone has some confusion about it, refer to the doctor’s prescription.

If someone takes the pill for fewer days, then the disorder is not completely cured. It has chances to reappear again. Similarly, if someone takes the drug for excess days, it can cause side effects.

Missed a dose of Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule

Missing the dose is something that everyone should avoid. It is not as harmful as overdoing the drug but it surely extends the duration of the drug. This is because missing the dose results in a reduction in the efficacy of the drug. The drug will have less impact on the disorder in case of frequent missing dose incidents.

Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule Contradiction

With Antidepressants

It can lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety. The person may be feeling loneliness, therefore always keep someone with the patient.

With alcohol

No harmful reactions have come out in the studies. But consult the doctor before taking such a step.

When not to take Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule

  • When you are allergic to cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride, which is the main component of the drug. Changing the drug is the best option in such situations.
  • If the doctor hasn’t prescribed you to take Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule. Taking the without its consultation can land you in deep trouble.
  • If you are suffering from a mental disorder like abnormal behaviour, depression and anxiety.

Side effects

Suicidal thoughts

Getting thoughts of ending life has been observed in many consumers of the drug.

Shortness of breath

The person may experience breathlessness for short period. For someone suffering from asthma, it can be terrible. Always carry an inhaler for such situations.

Overdose Effects of Generic Amrix (Skelebenz) Capsule

Taking an excess dose of the drug is called an overdose. It does not go in accordance with the doctor’s prescription. When people do not get satisfactory results from the drug with the current dosage, they try to overeat the drug. And instead of getting cured, they land in serious troubles from side effects.

Some of the most common side effects due to overdose are nausea, headache, migraine, inability to sleep, lack of concentration and high blood pressure etc.

Precaution & Warning

  • Never go against the instructions in the prescription.
  • In case of any conflict or dissatisfaction, consult with the respective doctor. Do not take any decisions on your own.
  • Patients of more than 50 years of age should take special awareness as they are most vulnerable to side effects.


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