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Gabapin Capsule


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Neuropathic pain and Epilepsy/Seizures


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15 capsules in 1 strip & 10 capsules in 1 strip

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What is Gabapin?

Gabapin is a medicine product that helps cure neuropathic pain. This is a disorder that causes the patient severe pain in the nerves. This might be a result of severe nerve pain caused due to severe diabetes, shingles also known as herpes zoster infection, and spinal cord injury.

This medication also helps in curing different types of seizures or epilepsy attacks.

Gabapin is a medicine that is only prescribed to patients under the prescription of a doctor. If you want to use this medicine and buy it then having a certified doctor’s prescription is a must.

The medication may be taken in with or without food. During the occurrence of any side effects discuss the same with your doctor at the earliest.

What Are The Uses Of Gabapin?

As we discussed above the uses of Gabapin are bi-fold. And that is it helps cure two different cases of neural pain.

One is used in the cure of neuropathic pain that is caused due to nerve damage. The condition under which neural pain may occur includes diabetes, shingles and herpes zoster infection.

The other use of the medicines is for giving relief to patients during epileptic attacks or seizures causing the body to jerk uncontrollably or shake vigorously while feeling dizzy and confused.

Remember that any dose will be based on the severity of the disorder, the dose intake capability, and the other pre-existing disorders.

Dosage Of Gabapin

The dosage of Gabapin is one pill take daily. This is as far as the time intervals or the frequency in which you should take the medicine.

But apart from this one of the other factors has to be taken into consideration when you talk about dosage. And that is what volumes of Gabapentin must you take to have the best results?

Certainly, this is a non-specific thing depending on a couple of factors like the health of the patient, severity level of disorder, type of disorder that is epilepsy or general neuropathic pain, contraindicating medicines, and other pre-existing disorders.

Gabapin 100 | Gabapin 300 | Gabapin 400 | Gabapin 600


If you take an unnecessary excess dose of generic Gabapentin then this might end up in side effects.  Remember that when there is more than Gabapentin in your body than what your body needs to work for then this will automatically lead to side effects and contraindications.

Make sure that you are not having an overdose of the medicine or else this might result in having problems such as dealing with the pain and discomfort of the side effects.

Missed Dose

Taking a dose of Gabapin for curing neuropathic pain or for getting full relief from an epileptic attack or seizure will take time. General this medicine has a long time for becoming fully activated and shows its effects on the body.

If you keep missing out on doses then the resultant factor will be an inconsistent amount of generic gabapentin in your blood and this will lead to suffering from pain due to neural disorders.

Do not miss a dose and keep taking them as per your dosage schedule on time.


Maintaining precautions is at the forefront of not having to deal with any side effects or contraindicating tendencies.

There are some precautions that if you maintain will come of good help in not only keeping you free of side effects but will also allow the maximum working potential of Gabapentin to realize.


Ideally, you omit alcohol completely from your life. Or at the bare minimum, one should reduce alcohol intake significantly. Also, avoid the intake of alcohol at least 8-10 hours both before and after taking alcohol.

Liver and kidney disorders

Those having liver and kidney disorders must consult the doctor and speak of their exact issue or disease. Sometimes while suffering from disorders in these two organs the doctor might consider a dosage readjustment to help you prevent suffering from intense side effects. But depending on the severity of kidney malfunction the doctor might even bar you from taking in the pills.

Side effects

Suffering from side effects is a concern that is indicative of either an overdose or contraindication.

If you suffer from side effects then one should ideally not delay in consulting with the doctor. Sometimes the doctor might disallow the use of the medicines till further notice or else might ask you to continue with Gabapin after reducing the daily dose.

Storage conditions

For someone, it might be essential for you to ensure the perfect storage conditions. The ideal storage conditions for storing the medicines will include having a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius with the humidity range also being far too low in the tolerable region.

What happens if you take too much Gabapin?

Taking in more Gabapin than what you need will result in an instant overdose and this will prevent the medicine from avoiding side effects.

Make sure that you are not taking in the pills above any dose that is prescribed by the doctor.

For further information on overdose, you check out the overdose section in this article.

How to Take Gabapin?

The intake method for Gabapin is to ensure taking medicine with water. When you have the pills in your mouth the only thing you need to do is to avoid chewing, breaking, or crushing the pills as this will result in non-efficacy of the pills.

Where to buy Gabapentin?

One may buy Gabapin oral medicines from an online website or their local medicine shop. It is best to check out the rates that are being provided both at the pharmaceutical offline shops and the online web portals to arrive at any decision.

Remember that while buying online first try to establish the credibility and trustworthiness of a website before blindly going on to make the order.

Thereafter check out a few other reputed online sellers and then find one among them that suits your needs to the best and is providing the medicines at attractive budget-friendly prices.


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