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Gabapin 400mg Capsule


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Neuropathic pain and Epilepsy/Seizures


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What is Gabapin 400?

Gabapin 400 is a medicine that is known for its curative benefits in nerve pain-related problems. Using this medicine is going to help you recover from neuropathic or neural pain. Now neuropathic pain might be caused due to a variety of problems with the most common ones being side effects of some disorders. you must also know that this medicine has one more curative benefit that is associated with it. This includes curing patients of an epileptic attack or a seizure.

When you use the pills of Gabapin 400 the consent must come from the end of the doctors. Remember that the generic substance within the pills is Gabapentin that helps you to recover from both fits which is the other name for epileptic seizure and neuropathic pain.

When the doctors recommend you to use this medicine it will be on a regular course of dose only. Thus you need to keep taking one pill each day to keep consistent effects.

In this article, we are going to bring forth the other important points that you need to note about using this medicine. any of those patients who are willing to use this medicine may take it as a reference guide although we always recommend sticking to the guidelines of the doctors.

What is the use of Gabapin 400 Mg?

We include the two cases where the Gabapin 400 mg drug might come to your rescue-

Curing neuropathic pain

You can use this medicine to cure neural pain or pain in the nerves that are in association with some pre-existing disorders like diabetes, herpes zoster infection or shingles, and injuries to the spinal cord. Generally, in all these disorders, the minute capillaries will get damaged and thus you need to use the medicine to bring relief only from the pain. Remember that it does not cure the disorder but only helps alleviate the pain.

Cure from epilepsy or a seizure attack

In a seizure attack, patients suffer from involuntary and uncontrollable jerking movements all over the body that including the hand, and the legs. Looking at the person might feel like they are just shaking vigorously from the inside. You can use the Gabapin 400 for curing and getting relief from the neural pain and gradually reducing the attack itself.

What is the chief salt composition of Gabapin 400mg?

The chief salt that you find in the pills of Gabapin 400mg is Gabapentin. Now, this is present in 400mg in the Gabapin 400 medicine. the medicine belongs from the group of the chemical class of medicine known as the gamma-amino acid derivatives. The therapeutic class of the medicines is neuro CNS as it affects to work of the neurons and the nervous system in general. The action class of the medicine is alpha 2 delta ligands.

It is a prescription substance and thus using this substance will require you to get authenticity or consent in writing from the doctors.

What are the benefits of using Gabapin 400?

There are certainly some benefits to the patient in using Gabapin 400

Cure from both epilepsy and neural pain simultaneously

With the use of Gabapin 400, you can effectively cure the neural pain and utter discomfort from both nerve pain due to certain disorders and an epileptic or a seizure attack. This means that the pills have multiple uses and someone suffering from both disorders may find the medicines very useful.

Effective with one dose

Its dose per day is only one pill. And this means that the effects of one pill of Gabapin 400 supplying you with 400mg of generic gabapentin is enough to last a day.

Prescription medicines negate unnecessary usage

As generic gabapentin is a prescription substance you always have to get consent from the doctors to use the medicine. So you can always use this medicine only with the doctors giving you a dose for daily use. This necessarily omits any chances of an overdose.

How to use your Gabapin 400 medicine while on a course?

Ideally, you must note down the timing for your intake and have the Gabapin 400 pill at the same time each day. This will ensure a separation of the necessary 24-hour gap between two successive doses.

You may use the medicine day or night. Ideally for curing an epileptic attack the patient must take the pill as soon as the jerky movements or other symptoms begin to crop up.

How to take your Gabapin 400 pills?

Take with water and intake is done by orally swallowing a pill. At the time of intake, no crushing or chewing is to be done when you have the pills in your mouth.

Also, we recommend not to use alcohol or any narcotic substances like marijuana and cocaine as this may severe the chances of side effects.

How do the Gabapin 400 pills work?

For curing neural pain the medicine will prevent the pain signal communication from the affected areas to the brain. The brain does not perceive any pain signals at all.

And for curing an epileptic or seizure attack generic gabapentin will work to reduce the excessive work of the nerves inside the brain.

What are the ideal storage conditions for Gabapin 400?

Ideally, it is safe to store the medicines in room condition and temperature. But with that being said there are some basic things to follow. One of them is the humidity factor of the storage area that needs to be controlled and the better it is the more longer your medicines will effectively sustain. We recommend avoiding tearing apart the pills from the sachet till the point you take them as they can get damaged due to the environmental humidity.

The room temperature also has some ceiling and a floor value. The lower temperature must not breach the 15 degree Celsius value for extended upkeep whereas the temperature on the higher side must not go past the 30 degree Celsius mark zone.

Ideally, you should also ensure to keep the Gabapin 400 pills in a cool and shady place where there is no direct contact with sunlight.


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