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Gabapin 300mg Capsule


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Neuropathic pain and Epilepsy/Seizures


Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd


15 capsules in 1 strip



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What is Gabapin 300?

Gabapin 300 is a medicine that when used in the right dose and strength can help you to find relief from two different forms of neural pain. One of them is general neuropathic pain which is a long-term cause of some pre-existing disorders like diabetes, shingles, or spinal cord injury.

The second of these is that it can help cure you of epilepsy attack or seizures. Use this medicine under the recommendation of a doctor after obtaining a prescription and you will find that with long-term use the pain to reduce significantly.

Within Gabapin 300 is a generic ingredient known as Gabapentin that has received the recommendation of the FDA. Follow the doctor’s instructions and keep using the dose even when you feel that just after days of using the medicine the effects of neuropathic pain are gone completely.

It is also important to inform the doctor of your pain and discomfort if you are feeling the vigorousness about any side effects that may be arising out of contraindications.

What Are The Uses Of Gabapin 300mg?

As we told you above the uses of Gabapin 300mg are bifold. Let’s get to know about the use of the medications in a bit more detail.

Neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain can be described as a form of neural pain or pain in the nerves. This can be a result of some pre-existing disease that is damaging your nerves and causing them to generate pain signals. Upon using the doses of Gabapin 300 allows the substance gabapentin to prevent the pain signals to be generated. It interrupts the pain signals to be transmitted to the brain thereby allowing you to find relief.

Seizures and epileptic attacks

Seizures and epileptic attacks can cause the neurotransmitters in the brain to perform at an abnormal rate and generate feelings of shivering, severe shaking, tremors, etc.

But using the Gabapin 300 with generic Gabapentin inside allows one to slow down such nerve impulses that are generated from the brain.

Although the use of this medicine may take some time we will recommend that you keep using the medicine as suggested by the doctor.

Dosage Of Gabapin 300 Mg

Now, before venturing right into the dose that is comfortable for you there is some other information that is critical for you to know.  Let’s begin knowing about them first.

Gabapin 300 Mg is a brand of a neuropathic and anti-epileptic group of medicines that is helpful for you to find relief from neural pain. This brand of medicines is manufactured by Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

The generic component inside is Gabapentin.

In this article throughout, we will speak about the Gabapin 300 but there are other medicine doses that you must know about. The starting dose of the medicine is at Gabapin 100. And then there are other doses as well like the Gabapin 200, Gabapin 300 which concludes with the highest strength of medicine known as the Gabapin 400.


If you happen to overdose on Gabapin 300 then the results can be disastrous. Always remember that it is only the medicine taken in the right amounts that can help you to find the maximum efficacy out of the use of Gabapin with minimum or nil side effects.

But using the medicines at a dose that you cannot cope with will simply result in more Gabapin remaining in your body and this is what triggers side effects.

The chances of overdose are pretty high only when you overrule visiting the doctor and letting him suggest a dose to you.

But on the other hand, simply visiting the doctor will help you to find the right dose and gain insights into a lot of other useful information as well such as possible contraindication substances or medicines to avoid, dealing with side effects, and so on.

Missed Dose

You will generally find relief post the use of the medicines. Generally, the effects of using the Gabapin 300mg come slowly and gradually. This is not a one-time dose that will help you to find relief straightaway.

Rather the actions of the dose will take some time and generally this period can be between a matter of few days to a matter of few weeks.

So, as the effects of using the medicine come in gradually it does not take too much of your wits to come to the logical conclusion that missing out on doses of Gabapin 300 and not taking it as per the fixed timings will only lengthen your treatment term.

Moreover, missing out on regular doses of Gabapin 300 will only make your result in inconsistent dosage that is also going to cause inconsistent effects on curing your neuropathic pain. Overall it may have very little effect whatsoever.


Generally, the precautions of using the medicines of Gabapin 300 are-

Avoiding alcohol

There are two ways in which alcohol intake when on a regular dose of Gabapin 300 tablet can cause problems. One of them is that using alcohol will generally mean that Gabapin 300 will not be able to perform at its peak meaning that it will have less efficacy.

And on the other hand, this will have also tend to cause side effects such as dizziness, sleepiness, drowsiness, etc.

Avoiding driving

Avoid driving as well and try and stay mostly indoors after taking your daily pill of Gabapin 300.

Generally what happens is that side effects like headache, dizziness, and drowsiness can be offset very easily. This is why this may interfere with your general driving skills and this might cause problems.

Kidney disorders

Having some specific kidney disorders means that you might just not be able to use the Gabapin 300 pills as the doctor will bar you from using this medicine.

When you are suffering from some kidney disorders then it is unsafe for you to take Gabapin 300 as this will be duly informed by the doctor.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are to inform about their status to the doctor. Based on assuming other health-related conditions any complications post-childbirth or any ongoing medicines for maternal care the doctor may or may not suggest the use of Gabapin.

Side effects of Gabapin 300

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Impaired coordination
  • Nausea
  • Sleepiness
  • Drowsiness
  • Viral infection
  • vomiting

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