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Gabapin 100mg Tablet


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Neuropathic pain and Epilepsy/Seizures


Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd


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About Gabapin 100

Gabapin 100 is the drug used to overcome neuropathic pain caused due to electrical discharge from nerves. The medical condition is also called epilepsy and is commonly known as seizures. For its action against epilepsy, it comes under the category of anti-epileptic drugs. These drugs fill the leakage point in the nerves from where the electrical discharge occurred. The drug also makes sure to reduce the pain due to seizures by acting as a painkiller and preventing pain signals from reaching the nervous system.

Gabapin 100 is a prescription specific drug, you would need a proper prescription to purchase the drug. Consult a doctor and get it prescribed before taking Gabapin 100. For the desired improvement, one must follow the instructions given in the prescription. Taking the drug by overlooking the prescription will land you in trouble.

Manufacturer of Gabapin 100

Intas Pharmaceuticals is the one responsible for making, packaging and distributing Gabapin 100mg(Gabapentin 100). The name needs no introduction in the field of medicine manufacturing worldwide. Intas Pharmaceuticals is an Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company established in the year 1977 in Gujarat. Today the drug maker clocks billions of dollars of revenues each year and employs more than 10000 employees. The company has its services in every continent encompassing more than 80 countries. With highly skilled scientists and member staff, the brand works to make life easier for those in need. Its products vary from simple fever curing to life-saving ones that cure heart disorders.

Strength and Dosage of Gabapin 100

The strength and dosage of any drug are what define it and tell a lot about the medical status of the person taking it. The drug works differently when a certain strength is taken and totally different when strength is either increased or decreased. You must follow the strength and dosage mentioned in the prescription-only. Leave it to the doctor to make any changes to the current strength and dosage.

Gabapin 100 Availability

Gabapin 100mg is usually available in mostly all the medical shops. You need not start a search operation for the drug, all credit to its high demand. Nowadays you can also get the drug online sites and get them delivered to your residence.

Use of Gabapin 100 having salt Gabapentin.

  • The major purpose of taking Gabapin 100 is to overcome the neuropathic pain caused due to unwanted electrical discharge.

How to Use Gabapin 100

  • Taking Gabapin 100mg is as simple as taking any other drug. It belongs to the category of water-soluble pills that means it must be consumed with a glass of water.
  • Swallow the pill and do not chew, break or crush the pill.
  • The drug must not be consumed with any solvent other than water. Taking the drug with alcoholic beverages, fruit juice, cold drinks and others will make the drug less effective.
  • One should not take the drug on an empty stomach. Have a light meal before taking the drug, do not take high cholesterol foods or sugary items.

How does Gabapin 100 work?

Gabapin 100 mg works to ensure that there is no improper electrical discharge from the leaked ends. The drug heals the places vulnerable to leaks ensuring no further damage. For relieving the pain due to neuropathic pain, pain signals are blocked when entering the brain. Thus, the person does not even know about the damage.


The dosage is one of the deciding factors of the drug that can determine the working of the drug. The same drug can work positively and as well as negatively in the body, it all depends on the dosage. The doctor analyses your medical history, immune system and all such factors before assigning the most suitable and safe dosage for you.

How long Gabapin 100 shall be continued

The dosage of Gabapin 100 tablets must be continued for the duration given in the prescription. The only doctor has the right to increase or decrease the duration.

Missed a dose of Gabapin 100

  • Missing the dose of Gabapin nt 100 is not dangerous but at the same time, one should not make it a habit to miss doses.
  • Missing the doses often makes it less effective which will result in the doctor extending the dose.
  • On the day when you miss a dose, do not take the dose any further on that day. The dose must be resumed from tomorrow. But remember not to double dose on the next day.

Gabapin 100 Contradiction

With Sildenafil & Vardenafil


With Fluoxetine


When not to take Gabapin 100

  • Do not take the drug if it is not prescribed by the doctor. Taking the drug without consulting the doctor might land you in trouble.
  • The drug must not be consumed if the patient is a serious heart, kidney or liver patient.
  • The drug must not be taken if the victim has undergone surgery recently.

Gabapin 100 Side Effects

Urination complications

Victims may encounter mild pain during urination. If the pain gets intense meet the doctor.


Intense and mild itching is experienced in the private parts.

Overdose Effects of Gabapin 100

Overdose of Gabapin me 100 can be dangerous for health causing fatal side effects. To minimize the damage, take the patient to the doctor immediately. Overdose mostly occurs when people believe that taking extra doses will overcome the disorder quickly. But in contrast, overdose makes them a victim of side effects.

Precaution & Warning

  • The drugs must be taken according to the instructions in the prescription. Violating the prescription might result in serious consequences.
  • The drug is a chemical after all which makes it a possibility that it may react with any other drug in your body. Tell the doctor about any supplements or other drugs which you are taking currently.
  • Do not purchase the drug from unknown sources especially while buying from online sites. Many times, online sites lure customers with cheap prices but actually, they are fake drugs.
  • If you want to make changes to the current strength and dosage one must take proper consultation from the doctor.

Where can i buy Gabapin 100 Pills?

You can buy online and offline. If you want to buy gabapin 100 online then pills4ever is the best portal.


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