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Gabantin 100mg

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Neuropathic Pain


Sun Pharmaceuticals


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What Is Gabantin 100?

–          About Gabantin 100

Gabantin 100 is a drug that assures of relieving people from nerve damage leading to seizures. The drug overcomes the problem by filling the gaps in the transmission path. It also reduces the pain that occurred due to it by blocking signals. The drug belongs to the chemical group of anti-epileptic drugs because seizures are also referred to as epilepsy.

–          Manufacturer of Gabantin 100

Gabantin 100 is a product of Sun Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd. The name is one of the biggest in the pharmaceutical sector. Sun Pharmaceutical is an Indian drug maker that produces, packages and distributes drugs and medical accessories. Established in 1983, its journey is worth inspiring for new generation entrepreneurs. The brand has a well-built customer base in more than 50 countries including the USA, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan etc.

–          Strength and Dosage of Gabantin 100

The strength and dosage of any drug are the most important parameters for any drug. For the drug to function and affect you positively, it must be taken in appropriate strength and dosage. The exact amount of the drug is known to the doctor only because it requires proper medical expertise. Strength and dosage vary from patient to patient, not every patient with neuropathic pain is given the same strength and dosage. It depends on various factors such as immune system, existing disorder, mental health, food habits and sleep cycle etc.

–          Gabantin 100 Availability

Gabantin 100 is highly in demand due to increasing cases of mental health disorders. You can either visit a medical store and get the drugs after showing the prescription or get them delivered at home through online sites.

Use of Gabantin 100 having salt Gabapentin

  • Gabantin 100 contains Gabapentin as its active ingredient. The drug is used to overcome neuropathic pain and nerve damage.

How to take Gabantin 100

  • Taking Gabantin 100 is not an extraordinary thing but similar to any other drug. It is a water-soluble drug so; you need to need to take it with a glass of water. Unless the drug is dissolved it remains inactive.
  • But use only water to dissolve the drug, any other drink may dissolve the drug but also increase the chances of side effects.
  • Do not break, chew or disintegrate the pills as it is not chewable drug.
  • Take the drug in strength and dosage as mentioned in the prescription.


How does Gabantin 100 work?

Gabantin 100 helps to relieve the patient from neuropathic pain and irregular electrical discharge such as seizures. To make this happen, the drug fixes the areas where transmissions get broken and heal them. This fixes the problem of unwanted electrical discharge. For neuropathic pain, the drug blocks the signal of pain from reaching into the brain. Thus, the person does feel the pain anymore.


Dosage is a delicate matter for a drug. A slight change in the dosage can change the reactivity of the drug in no time. Therefore, always take dosage strictly as given in the prescription. It depends on the doctor to modify the dosage.

Gabantin 300

How long Gabantin 100 shall be continued

For information regarding the dose and its duration, one must refer to the prescription-only. If any changes have to be made to the duration of the dose, it is to be done by the doctor only.

Missed a dose of Gabantin 100

  • Missing the dose of Gabantin 100 does not invite any side effects but this does not mean that we should encourage this act. One must be accurate and punctual while taking medicines.
  • When you miss a dose of Gabantin 100 the rhythm established by regular doses has been broken down. Therefore, to re-establish that rhythm one must start taking the dose at the same fixed timing as earlier.
  • Skip the dose on that day and take the dose on the next day. Do not double dose on the next day, people sometimes take double pills on the next day to make up for the missed day.

Gabantin 100 Contradiction

Gabantin 100 With Tadalafil & Vardenafil


Gabantin 100 With Riociguat


When not to take Gabantin 100

  • Gabantin 100 should be taken if the doctor has not prescribed the drug. This is a prescription specific drug and should not be consumed after a green signal by the doctor.
  • When you are suffering from mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, memory loss and stress problems.
  • When the patient has undergone surgery recently. Sometimes during the post-recovery process, the use of any other drug can delay the recovery process.

Side effects

Painful urination

Urination becomes painful in some situations. If the pain becomes unbearable reach the doctor.

Excessive sleepiness

People encounter the condition of excessive sleepiness, even during work hours making it difficult to focus and concentrate.

Overdose Effects of Gabantin 100

Overdose is the medical condition when patients take an excess dose than what is given in the prescription. Most of the time people take the excess dose in the belief that the disorder will be cured faster if they take more pills. But what happens is exactly opposite to this belief, they get afflicted with a few dangerous side effects that further worsen the situation.

Precaution & Warning

  • Any drug must be taken by following the precautions given by the doctor. Remember a drug that cures a particular disorder but if not taken properly, the same drug can cause negative effects.
  • Buy original and branded drugs from authorized and reputed sellers. Be especially aware while shopping from online sites where people are cheated by luring them with cheap prices. But when these products are delivered, they are either fake drugs or other cheap substitutes.
  • If you are suffering from any other disorder currently, tell the doctor about it. It gives the doctor a sense of perspective while prescribing correct strength and dosage to the patient.
  • Do not violate the rules in the prescription at any cost. If any situation arises, consult the doctor before doing so. Do not listen to anyone’s advice to take excess or less dose, it comes under the authority of the doctor to make changes to prescription.






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  1. Ryan

    I was suffering from back pain last 2 months, using gabntin 100, got wonderful results in just 3 days.

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